A Guide For  Ayurvedic: P.G. Entrance and Public Service Commission Tests

A Guide For Ayurvedic: P.G. Entrance and Public Service Commission Tests

Item Code: IDH601
Author: K. Nishteswar
Publisher: Chaukhambha Subharati Prakashan
Edition: 2001
Pages: 236
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
From the Jacket

Prasna-Vikalpa written and compiled by Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi is not only a collection of multiple choice questions, besides this it contains other useful informations about the Ayurveda. This book is written primarily for the students of Ayurveda who want to appear in post-graduate and other competitive examinations.

In present book, the entire spectrum of Ayurveda i.e. Maulika siddhanta, Rasa-sastra, Dravyaguna, Kaumarabrtya, prasuti and Stri-roga, Kaya-cikitsa, salya and salkya is compiled. More than 500 MCQs from different parts of Ayurveda are selected. Fundamental of framing MCQ is described nicely. Important verses from Caraka-Samhita and Susruta-Samhita are incorporated in second chapter. Important miscellaneous topics are discussed in the next chapter. Definitions, Latin names of herbs, indication and reference of the drugs are the contents of fourth chapter. In next chapter luminaries of Ayurveda has been given the place. Word-power, viva-voice and articles about current topics are also given in this book to make this book more informative and useful.

About the Author

Parents: Subrahmanya Sharma
Lakshmi Kantam


  • BAMS (Andhra University, 1976)
  • M.D. (Gujarat Ayurved University, 1980)
  • D.Sc. ( University of Complimentary Medicines, 1991)
  • C.F.N. (Indira Gandhi National Open University, 1994)
  • Cap. G. Srinivasa Murthy Memorial Gold Medal 1978
  • Hariom Ashram Gold Medal, 1979
  • Dr. A. Udaya Bhaskar Memorial Gold Medal, 1980
  • Nagarjuna Post-graduate Silver Medal, 1982
  • Vasudev Vilasam Prize of National Thesis Competition on Diabetes, Trivandrum, 1981
  • Vasudev Vilasam Prize of National Thesis Competition on Hypertension, 1982
  1. Dravyaguna Moulika Siddhantamulu
  2. Dravyaguna prayoga Vijnanam
  3. Rasasastra Vijnanam
  4. Agadatantram
  5. Charaka-Samhita: Kalpa Sthana Translated into Telugu
  6. Vyavahara Ayurveda (in press)
  7. Chikitsa-Darsika
  8. Maninde Mandu
  9. Guide for Ayurvedic P.G. Entrance Tests and Public Service Commission Tests
  10. Andubatulo Ayurvedam
  11. Ayurveda Siddantamulu
  12. Bhaishajya Kalpana Vinjanam
Published about 50 Research papers in Various Journals Various Journals.

1 Ayurveda Itihasa 1
2 Padartha Vijnana 10
3 Racanasarira 18
4 Kriyasarira 31
5 Dravyaguna 45
6 Rasasastra & Bhaisajya Kalpana 67
7 Agadatantra 88
8 Svasthavrtta 95
9 Roganidana 103
10 Kaumarabhrtya 115
11 Prasutitantra and Stri Roga 123
12 Kayacikitsa 138
13 Salyatantra 162
14 Salakyatantra 176
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions 189
Model Paper (1) (University of Health Sciences) 199
Model Paper(2) (Banaras Hindu University) 216
Answers to Model Papers 232
Bibliography 234
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