Guru Gobind Singh: Saga of Great Valour and Incredible Sacrifices

Guru Gobind Singh: Saga of Great Valour and Incredible Sacrifices

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Author: Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788131002537
Pages: 96 (12 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 170 gm

Guru Gobind Singh was born at the most turbulent period of our country. The communal fanaticism was the main policy of the rulers. Foreign invaders had seized the land and they were trampling upon the native faiths, beliefs, customs and traditions. Alien values were being forced down the gullets of the natives. To make the matters worse the priests of the native faiths were exploiting the masses mercilessly and condemning the society to evil customs and horrendous blind-faiths which indirectly were aiding the alien invaders.

To counter misdeeds of the native priests Guru Nanak founded a new faith of Sikhism to bail out the masses from the misery. But the new faith faced the challenges of aliens who only understood the language of force. The tenth guru of Sikhs, Gobind Singh realised that the faith required to be defended with the might of the sword to survive. It was the reality of that period. Showing an unprecedented pragmatism he decided to transform the Sikh faithfuls into armed defenders of the native faiths. He transformed Sikhs into warrior Khalsas and finalised the format of the faith.

The sacrifices he made personally, his family, his ancestors and his faithfuls make a glorious chapter of our recorded history. In the story of Guru Gobind Singh lies the reason for us to hold our heads up and dream for the victories in various fields in future.

1The Background5
2Guru Gobind Singh11
3The Childhood Pranks15
4Miracle Treatment20
5Migration From Patna23
6In Anandpur Sahib26
7Aurangzeb's Aim27
8Coronation Of Tenth Guru34
9The Battle Of Bhangani47
10The Battle Of Nadaun50
11The Battle Of Hussaini52
12Founding Of Khalsa Panth55
13Five Sacrifies57
14The Five Dear Ones61
15Work Ethic Of Guru Gobind62
16The Reaction To Khalsa Move65
17Letter To Aurangzeb66
18Khalsa Power67
19Guru Under Siege70
20Chamkaur Battle73
21Khidrana Battle76
22In Damdama78
23Invitation From Aurangzeb81
24Legends Of Guru Gobind87
25Fine For Guru89
26Soldier Of Justice90
27Nanded Conspiracy93
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