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Habib's HAIR Handbook

Habib's HAIR Handbook
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Item Code: IDF989
Author: Habib Ahmed
Publisher: Penguin Books
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 9780140299083
Pages: 101 {15 Figures in B/W}
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0" X 4.6"
weight of the book: 95 gms
From the Back of the Book

Habib Ahmed one of the most recognized figures in hairstyling and beauty care in the country, provides some basic yet valuable tips for great-looking hair. He gives advice on what hairstyle to choose, depending on the shape of one's face; shows how to analyse one's shampoo; and explains the importance of nutrition and the effects of dieting on hair.

There are useful tips on crimping and colouring one's hair, streaking, hair colouring, highlighting, and on how to deal effectively with dandruff, split ends and thinning hair.

Handy and easy to follow this is an indispensable guide for all those who wish to have beautiful hair.


It's easy to have great-looking hair 1
Proteins and hair 2
Vitamins and hair 3
Fats and hair 4
Causes of unhealthy hair 5
To cut or not to cut 6
The perfect cut 7
Timing your haircut 8
Bracing up for a new hairstyle 9
Things to remember when getting your hair cut 10
The perfect parting 11
Figure out the shape of your face and then your hairstyle 12
The square face 13
The round face 14
The oblong face 15
The heart-shaped face 16
The diamond-shaped face 17
Body shape 18
Facial features 19
Glasses 20
Get to know your scalp better 21
Normal hair 22
Dry hair 23
Oily hair 24
Combination hair 25
Analyzing your shampoo 26
How often should you shampoo? 27
How to shampoo 28
Washing out shampoo Reetha and Amla 30
Hair conditioning 31
How to apply conditioners 33
Oil massage 35
How to make the most of your massage 36
How to choose your hairbrush and comb 37
Caring for your hairbrush and comb 38
How to brush your hair 39
Drying your hair 40
Blow-drying 41
How to blow-dry 42
Split ends 43
Tackling split ends 44
Dandruff 45
Dandruff-like ailments 46
Deterring dandruff 47
Being wise about lice 48
Hair loss and baldness 49
Preventable hair loss 50
Illness and drugs 51
How does age affect your hair 52
How does hair removal affect hair 53
Hair weaving 54
Hair bonding 55
Hair transplant 56
Crimping an ironing 57
Perm 58
Caring for permed hair 61
Straightening 62
Hair colouring 63
Highlighting 64
Chemical dyes 66
Picking and maintaining hair colour 67
Streaking 68
Henna 69
Other natural dyes 70
Setting or styling aids 71
Mousse 72
How to apply mousse 73
Styling gel 74
Styling gel spray 75
Hairsprays 76
Control creams 77
Haircare in summer 78
Haircare during the monsoon 79
Haircare in winter 80
How to select hair accessories 81
Serum 82
Setting permed hair 83
While you swim 84
Graying 85
Types of wigs 86
Ordering wigs
Keeping wigs
Adjusting wigs
Cleaning wigs
Semi-permanent tints
Permanent tints
Hair pieces
Safety precautions for wigs
Bright ideas for great-looking hair 98

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