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Hand Book and Colour Atlas of Ayurvedic Dermatology and Venereology

Hand Book and Colour Atlas of Ayurvedic Dermatology and Venereology
Item Code: NAK509
Author: Dr. L. Mahadevan
Publisher: Ayurvedic Educational and Charitable Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788192252933
Pages: 269 (84 Color Illustrations )
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.0 inch x 8.5 inch
weight of the book: 1.0 kg
About The Author

Dr. L. Mahadevan completed his post graduation M.D. kayacikitsa, from Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram with high academic credentials. He does intensive research in Neurology an Panchakarna. He has his practice in Derisanamcope (A village in kanyakumari district, studies. His classics on clinical medicine are unique in nature. He has written 45 books on Ayurveda. He is a student of Dr. B. Vaidyanathan & Dr. M.R.V. Vasudevan Nampoothiri.

Dr. G. Harini Ramya completed her BAMS graduation from Ayurveda College, Coimabtore and her post graduation M.D Kaurnarabhritya from working as Assistant Medical officer in Tamilnadu Govt. Service and as Lecture in Govt. Ayurvda College, Nagercoil. She is a student of Dr. L. Mahadevan’s Gurukulam for the past 9 years.

Dr. J. Aarthi Harini completed her BAMS graduation from Venkataramana Ayurveda College, Chennai. She has completed her CRAV Course (Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidya Peeth) in Sri Sarada Ayurveda Hospital, Derisanamcope. She is also a student of Dr. L. Mahadevan’s Gurukulam

Dr. J. Gokul completed his BAMS graduation from S.N. Ayurveda College, Kollam. He is working as a Resident Medical Officer in Sri Sarada Ayurvedic Hospital, Derisanamcope. He is also a student of Dr. L. Mahadevan’s Gurukulam.

Dr. R. Abhijit completed his graduation BAMS from Sri Sri Collegel of Ayurvedic Research Center, Bangalore. He is clinically trained in Dr. L. Mahadevan’s Ayurvedic Gurukulam.


Managing skin diseases are a part of Ayurvedic clinical practice. Many patients seek ayurvedic treatment for chronic skin diseases. In the department of agada tantra, they see a lot of skin diseases. The concept of dusi visa, gara vise are applicable in the samprapthi & cikitsa of skin diseases. Many PG works were done in the field of Ayurvedic dermatology during the last few decades and now, it is possible to treat several diseases successfully, which are considered as resistant. This has lead large number of patients to seek Ayurvedic clinical advise and this figure is expected to go up in the future because the skin patients expect Ayurvedic doctors not only to control the disease but also to get rid of the marks and scars produced in the due course of the disease.

Treating skin diseases is like, fighting war and if the war has to be won it is necessary to accurately access the strength of the adversary. So, accurate diagnosis, application of guna principle, understanding the avastha, treatment based on avastha are highly essential. If needed, biopsy can also be done with the help of a qualified dermatologist. Therefore a proper training and good skill is needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of various disease processes .The visual impressions and History are also highly useful in this regard.

It is, with this in mind we felt the need to bring "Illustrated Text Book Ayurvedic Clinical Dermatology” of with color photographs of various clinical manifestations of dermatological diseases. We have covered common and un-common skin diseases with their classical presentation, especially for under graduates, post graduates, general practitioners and physicians, interested in Ayurvedic dermatology. We have also included venereal diseases mentioned in ayurvedic texts in this book because of the similarity in presentation and treatment protocol adopted.

Atypical presentations of common diseases should be treated by specialists. The treatment methods are collected from various texts that are commonly used in Ayurvedic curriculum. We pray for the best for our colleagues and for the health of our patients.

The second main author of this work is Dr. G. Harini Ramya, who is one of my prestigious student, working currently in Govt. Ayurveda College, Nagercoil, who has passed MD entrance with high academic credentials, secured high marks in the PSC examinations and who works as a government doctor today. She is a great scholar, a great clinician and a good human being who has collected the photographs and has contributed a lot to this work. She is my student for the last 9 years and also a representative of my tradition.

I thank Dr. J. Aarthi Harini who is my student for the past 4 years, who has worked as a RMO in our hospital and also did Guru Sishya Parambara Course under Dr. Chidambaram in our center.

Dr. Abhijith. R is my student since three years, who has worked a lot in collecting the material, taking my lecture notes and making it in a book format.

Dr. Gokul. J is also my student and I'm the student of his father, Dr. Jayaprakash, MD (Ayu) from 1993-1997 during my Post graduation in Thiruvananthapurm Ayurveda college, in the department of Kayachikitsa. He has also worked with us and is committed in his pursuing works

I thank Mr. R. A. Saju in making this book a possibility. We thank all our community who have been supporting our honest endeavors in the promotion of Ayurveda.

I thank Dr. K. Chidambaram for his constant support, encouragement and help for all my ayurvedic endeavours.


1Skin Anatomy And Physiology of Skin13
3Analysis of Major Kusthas45
4Analysis of minor Kusthas57
5Dosa Wise Classification of Kuthas77
6Kustha Cikithsa81
8Analysis of Vicarcika121
9analysis of Eka Kustha125
10The Diagnosis of Sitapitta, Udarda And Kotha (Allergic Skin Manifestations)127
11Slipadam (Filarial Elephantiasis)133
12The Diagnosis of Vidradhi139
13Vrana Sotha (Inflammatory Swellings)145
14The Diagnosis of Visarpa (Spreading Cellulitis)151
15The Diagnosis of Visphota (Pustular Eruptions)161
16The Diagnosis of Masurika (Pox)169
17Romanthika (Measles)173
18Dusi Visam175
19Ksudra Rogas The Diagnosis of Minor Diseases187
20Upadamsa & Sukadosa237
22Disorders of Nails257
23Hair Disorders261
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