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Hanuman Jyotish

Hanuman Jyotish
Item Code: NAL841
Author: Prof. Harish Thakkar
Publisher: Richa Prakashan
Language: English
ISBN: 9788187062639
Pages: 91
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 114 gms

Going on a Long Journey9
Coming Home from Foreign Land10
Regardng Agricultural Tasks11
Regarding Trade12
Salvation at the Banks of the Ganges13
Regarding Death of a Patient14
Blessings of the Tutelary God15
Assistance to a Person16
Desire to Live at a Particular Place17
Appointing Someone as an Advisor18
Desire to Get Money19
Regarding Fulfillment of a Desire20
Worrying about the Disease21
Income form Trade22
Debate or Dispute23
Court Case or Dispute24
Desire to Befriend Someone25
Desire to Fight Someone26
Desire to Meet Somebody27
Asking Favour from Authority28
Desire to Shift Residence29
Regarding Stolen Property30
Desire to Get Something31
About Hidden Enemies32
Finding a Buyer33
About Fears and Phobias34
About the Unborn Child35
Freedom from Worries36
Freedom from Prison37
Test of Trust38
Desire to Seek Education39
Sending a Messenger40
About Relations with Someone41
Desire for Power and Pelf42
Desire for Chidren43
Desire to Accumulate Wealth44
Desire to Get Married45
Desire to Sell46
Desire to Win Love47
Desire to know Someone's Well-being48
Answers For:
Going on a Long Journey49
Coming Home from Foreign Land50
Regardng Agricultural Tasks51
Regarding Trade52
Salvation at the Banks of the Ganges53
Regarding Death of a Patient54
Blessings of the Tutelary God55
Assistance to a Person56
Desire to Live at a Particular Place57
Appointing Someone as an Advisor58
Desire to Get Money59
Regarding Fulfillment of a Desire60
Worrying about the Disease61
Income form Trade62
Debate or Dispute63
Court Case or Dispute64
Desire to Befriend Someone65
Desire to Fight Someone66
Desire to Meet Somebody67
Asking Favour from Authority68
Desire to Shift Residence69
Regarding Stolen Property70
Desire to Get Something71
About Hidden Enemies72
Finding a Buyer73
About Fears and Phobias74
About the Unborn Child75
Freedom from Worries76
Freedom from Prison77
Test of Trust78
Desire to Seek Education79
Sending a Messenger80
About Relations with Someone81
Desire for Power and Pelf82
Desire for Chidren83
Desire to Accumulate Wealth84
Desire to Get Married85
Desire to Sell86
Desire to Win Love87
Desire to know Someone's Well-being88
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