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The Healing Powers of Chromotherapy Using Colours to Cure Diseases

The Healing Powers of Chromotherapy Using Colours to Cure Diseases
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Author: Hari Om Gupta
Publisher: Sterling Paperbacks
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8120732537
Pages: 150 (Illustrated with B/W Figures)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
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Discover the power of sunrays and how they work wonders in curing various diseases and keeping you fit.

The Healing Powers of Chromotherapy offers glimpses into the secrets of chromotherapy and gives tips on how to cure ailments. It also gives insights into the principles, techniques and benefits of this alternative therapy so that you can lead a more healthy and fulfilling life. Methods to prepare colour-charged medicines with easily available things like clarified butter (ghee), water, sugar granules, honey and oils have also been discussed.

So grab the book and unearth the therapeutic benefits of sunrays and make them work for you.

Hari Om Gupta has been practising chromotherapy since 1994. He started out by doing self-medication. But today he treats many patients using the various techniques of chromotherapy. More than 15,000 people have been benefited from his treatment so far. He has also started a centre – "Aashirward Surya Kiran Chikitsa and Rang Chikitsa Kendra" that provides free treatment. He has written many books on the subject of chromotherapy. He is also an industrialist of great repute.



A living being gets the energy to live from the Sun God. This energy is vital to keep one healthy. The human body is made up of five elements as mentioned by Saint Tulsidas i.e., chat, jal, pawak, gaman, sameera. These five elements get their life-energy from the Sun God.

A living being gets the energy to live from the Sun God. This energy is vital to keep one healthy. The human body is made up of five elements as mentioned by Saint Tulsidas i.e. chat, jal, pawak, gaman, sameera. these five get their life-energy from the Sun God.

The rays of the sun are mainly of seven types and these seven rays are called the seven horses of the Sun God. Every ray has a different colour and a different chemical is required to prepare a colour. The human body also has seven power points. Every point has a different colour, use and look. A change in the proportion of a chemical affects the colour thus disturbing the balance. This disturbance in balance is the main cause of all illnesses.

The morning and the evening rays of the sun are extremely helpful in curing illnesses. Our saints and teachers have explored this truth deeply through meditation and on practical basis and have explained it completely in our Vedas and Shastras. A deep study has been made in India and abroad on this subject and many books have been written on it. They have explained the waves of different colours of the sun rays and their velocity.

Nature cure can keep a person healthy. Great saints, ayurvedic doctors and doctors practicing nature cure have done a great service to the humanity by writing extensively on the topic. They have excelled in this field because they practice the therapy selflessly.

Today we find human beings to be the sickest living beings on earth. Other living beings that come in contact with human beings also tend to fall ill.

Sun has the power to cure all our ailments. Even cancer can be cured by the sunrays. Sun-bathing gives strength, energy, courage and speed to our body. Even our Shashtras have laid emphasis on having sun-bath for at least 10-15 minutes. It is for this reason that when water is offered to Sun God after bathing the rays of the sun get refracted by water and reach our body and keep us healthy. These sunrays have mineral elements.

Mr. Gupta has made an attempt to give us the free and effective ways of curing even serious illnesses.


I was so engulfed by sickness that I had almost decided upon committing suicide. One day I decided that I had enough and started for Haridwar. Instead of Haridwar I went to Rishikesh. I was suffering from migraine, diabetes that also at its highest level, boils had emerged on my back and head and pus had started coming out of my legs. Because of diabetes the skin on my hands had begun to peel off. In the morning on waking up I would find my fingers stiff because of pain. It would take me 15.20 minutes to get rid of the stiffness. Walking and climbing up the stairs had become difficult. I had to clutch my knee joints at every step.

I cannot describe the other ailments I suffered due to diabetes – blood pressure, weakness, insomnia which made me stay awake all night and the sleep I got during the day was insignificant. As a result I suffered from stress. So much so that my hands lost the power to hold. This condition forced me to take about 12 tablets from morning to night and I was always worried of missing a dose or not having enough of medicine. At times I used to overdose myself.

I started staying at Vanprastha Ashram in Rishikesh. After a few days I met a gentlemen. One day while chatting with him I happened to tell him about my problem of insomnia and my worry regarding it. The gentleman said that my problem was not a big deal. He asked me to bring a small bottle and come to his room. I did so. Then by giving me 10-12 drops of an oil he asked me to massage it one my forehead, temple, centre of the head with my fingers at night before going to sleep without taking my sleeping pills. He said that I would sleep soundly and that's exactly what happened.

When I woke up in the morning I felt very light. My mind was joyous. I did the same thing the next night again without taking my sleeping pills and I slept soundly.

On the 3rd day when I woke up my body was full of energy and I was very happy. I wondered about the magic that oil contained that had acted so fast. I spent the whole day wondering. In the evening when I took the empty bottle to the gentleman's room and asked him for some more drops he politely refused explaining that he needed the oil for himself. He told me that every person who had used the oil had been benefited and had called it magic oil. He further told me that one of his friends who stayed in Chandigarh prepared medicine using sunrays. He showed me some other bottles containing other medicines. It was not his business. He was actually a big officer. The gentleman then gave me a book to read, as promised. I spent another week there and came back home. I ordered for the book from Delhi and got its delivery within 10 days. The author of the book was Dr. Dwarkanath Narang.

After reading the book I started doing self-medication, preparing medicines, consuming them and followed the instructions dutifully. I was fully fit within three months. Earlier my weight was 97 kgs, but after the cure it came down to 70. I was completely fit. I got rid of all my pills. All my ailments had disappeared. I started going for morning walk for 8-10 kilometers. People started asking me the magic behind it. Today I cure people using the various techniques of chromotherapy for free. I have started Aashirwad Surya Kiran Chikitsa and Rang Chikitsa Kendra - a centre that provides free treatment.

In this book I have mentioned those methods of self cure that are cost-free, investment free, easy to understand, health-oriented and a valuable gift of nature. After deeply understanding the principles of this branch of science, I have written this book.

Anyone with an intention to serve mankind can understand this great gift of nature and can be helpful in popularizing this knowledge. One can use this knowledge for self-cure. No specific place is required for this purpose.

I am greatly thankful to those saints and preachers who have kept this knowledge safe and to those who have published it. I request you not to follow the techniques given in this book blindly but under the guidance of a trained therapist. Taking the help of the book written by Dr. Dwarkanath Narang, and testing it with successful results on thousands of patients, I have shared my knowledge with you in this book.



Chromotherapy is one of the oldest healing systems and it exists in every part of the world. For thousands of years this traditional non-chemical drug therapy was unknown to the whole world. But the recent popularity of alternative therapies among different communities of the world reflects the need to rely on natural, safe and time-tested methods of treatment. It is not only popular in India but also in other countries like America, Japan, etc. Chromotherapy combines the benefits of sun and the colours to cure various ailments.

Sunrays possess therapeutic powers that are beneficial to one's health, both physical and mental. Growth and development of one's body is dependent on sunlight which consists of energy and colour. A single ray of sunshine encompasses all the colours of the spectrum. Our bodies select from the sunlight whatever colours are needed for maintaining the correct balance, the corresponding or respective vibrations being absorbed into us.

Chromotherapy is a discipline that aims-to harness solar energy in order to treat various ailments. Numerous experiments have been conducted to prove that the closer a therapeutic system is to nature, the more powerful and influential it is. Where there is sunlight, there is energy and colour, and hence sunrays form the basis of chromotherapy.

Seven colours are emitted by the sun. These seven colours of the sunrays have therapeutic qualities. The rays of any colour can be absorbed by the body with the help of a coloured glass. Our body has self-healing powers which can cure diseases and make us healthy and chromotherapy boosts this self-healing ability.




  Foreword vi
  Foreword vii
  Preface ix
  Introduction 1
1 Chromotherapy 2
2 Healing with Colours 7
3 Colour-Charged Medicines 12
4 The Remedies of Nature 17
5 Health and Diet 21
6 Treatment of Diseases 23
7 Yoga and Body Postures 118
8 Pranayama and Apanayama 138
9 Surya Namaskar 144
10 Hast Mudras 148


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