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Healing Through Mantra

Healing Through Mantra
Item Code: IDK563
Author: P. Khurrana
Publisher: Cross Land Books
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8184081820
Pages: 191
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
Back of The Book

The author treats Mantraism as the gift of ancient Sages on India who have analysed the importance of mantra in mitigating all the problems of life. A Mantra has the beneficial effects because of the sound it vibrates, every sound having a meaning that has been underlined. He explains the fundamental principles of Mantra therapy in a simple unadorned way. It shows the author's deep knowledge on the subject.

The book can be a proud possession of all those who are deeply interested in Mantra. In the end is a glossary for the convenience of readers.


The present book is an attempt to develop the human potential through Mantra. It deals with what Mantras are, what the benefit of Mantras are, how to use the Mantras and what must be guarded against. Every Mantra has been specified individually alongwith its method, mala, direction asan and other relevant instructions. Our Indian occult science refers to various Mantras for mitigating various human problems regarding marriage, health litigation enmity, politics, children etc. for a particular problem the judicious applications to his horoscope; age and sex. Those who want to practice Mantra must seek a true Guru and undertake this spiritual task under his blessings only. The Sadhak should do his duties in the world and wealth the worship the deity without selfish motive. He should not acquire wealth and possessions from bad deeds. The aim of writing the book is to bring awareness and understanding of the basic tents of Mantraism that flows through mind and soul as spiritual operation for healing relaxation and stimulation.

About The Author

P. Khurrana better known as modern GURU is a perfect Lord Shiva's devotee, astrologer and occultist who has brought the experience of the truth to the thirsty seekers in other countries also. He is supremely powerful, irresistible and confident.

His contribution and prediction in various magazines and newspapers include "The Sun" "India Express", The Tribune", "The Astrological Magazine", "Rashtriya Sahara" and "The Week".

For him Jyotish and Tanta Mantra is a passion. He puts every effort to illumine the world by his spiritual power. He has been to many countries, delivered countless lectures and given interviews on T.V. and has designed many special programmes on Tantra-Mantra.

P. Khurrana present his timeless message to everyone that "with meditation, worship and self-realisation Siddhis do come and step the Divine power leads the Sadhakas to higher and higher levels of perfection till he reaches the goal".

To this day who met P. Khurrana always remembers his laughter. The laughter of enlightened being is uncanny. It comes from PARAVANI; the highest level of speech in Mantra which is pure consciousness, the source of perfect sound used in Mantra.

My sincere thanks to my brothers and their devoted wives who adjusted their visits at my ease and understanding.

I thank my critics, friends and associates for their open, honest and supporting sharing of ideas and feedback.

I wish to thank my million of readers and devotes who continues to seek my blessings.

On a personal note, I want to express my thank to Shri S.C. Sethi, Indiana Publishing House, New Delhi who suggested me the title " Healing Through Mantra" and made it possible for you to hold this book in your hands.


List of Mantras IX
Preface XIII
About the Author XIV
Acknowledgement XV
1What is Mantra 1
2Mantra and Mala 4
3Mantra, Sadhana and Karma 7
4The power of Sound 11
5Vibration of various Dhwanis (sound)14
6Vowels in Negri-Lapi and its quivalent in English Language 20
7Mantra and Planets 23
8Gayatri mantra 27
9The Twelve sun Mantras 30
10Mantra and Gems 35
12Navgreh Mantras146
13Nine Mantras for Infatuation 154
14Significance of Mantra on Fourth and Eleventh Lunar Day 156
15Kala Gyana Mantra 164
Vocabulary 168

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