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Himalayan Animal Tales

Himalayan Animal Tales
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Item Code: IDJ111
Author: Dorothy Mierow
Publisher: Pilgrims Books House
Language: English
Pages: 90 (Color Illus: 40)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.5 inch X 8.5 inch
weight of the book: 230 gms
About Book

Most of the larger animals found in the Indian sub-content and its neighboring region of Tibet are pictured in this small book. They have been put into ecological groups showing possible encounters so that the reader can guess what may happen next.

I. In the first group of ten pictures we find mostly the animals which may be seen around houses and farms by people living in the midland, region of the Himalayas from 2,000 to 8,000. Except for the red panda, at the end, the animals are common enough to be seen by observant farm children in the regions where they are found. The panda is now rare and needs to be protected.

II. Section II shows the animals found in the lowland Terai, which in Nepal would mean mostly Chitwan. The wild buffalo are found more to the east near Bardia but all of the other animals pictured are fairly common in are of the protected area and often outside the parks as well.

III. In the third group of ten pictures, we find animals of the high mountains from Kashmir and Tibet to Solukhumbu and Bhutan. Here are many of the large animals known only to the hunter, nomad, trekker or zoo visitor, familiar animals from little known places.

IV. The fourth group of ten pictures extends the area farther into India's lowlands to the south, east and west. They are pictured in possible but sometimes unlikely groups which can tell a story.


Animals Around The farm And VillageI
Hill Village1
The Chicken's Nightmare2
Clean-Up Crew3
Night Visitors At The Rabbit Cage4
Garden Visitors5
Evening Visitors To The Fruit trees6
Visitors In A Maize Field Above Rupa Tal7
In The Apple Orchard8
Fire Used in Hunting9
Playmates In the Village Community Forest10
Animals Of The Lowland Terai:-II
The Tourists Delight11
Night Prowlers13
Dolphins With Gavial And Marsh Crocodile14
Playful Otters15
Wild Relatives16
The Yellow-Throated Marten18
A dangerous Encounter19
Jungle Queen20
Animals Of The High Mountains:-III.
Impey An Pheasants And Musk Deer21
Pikas And Himalayan Tahrs22
Snow Leopard And Blue Sheep23
Bhutan: Takin With Baby Meets Serow24
Chase The Enemy25
Do They See A Yeti?26
Perhaps It Was A Bear27
Wild Relatives Of Our Sheep And Goats28
Animals Once Abundant On The Tibetan Plateau29
Domesticated Animals Of The High Mountains30
Some Rare Animals Of The Sub-Tropical Lowlands:-IV.
Good Fishing31
Golden Langurs Teasing A Marbled Cat32
Assam Hill Forest33
At The Termite Nest34
Some Rare Types To Look For35
Jungle Fire36
Which Is In Danger?38
Danger at Dawn39
Mogul Period Hunt Scene40

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