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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Item Code: NAM064
Author: A. K. Khanna
Publisher: Satya Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 9788190286077
Pages: 80 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 11.0 inch X 8.5 inch
weight of the book: 320 gms

God being invisible and beyond universally accepted facts, an extremely majority of the human being all over the world believes in the existence of the God. The scientific community agrees to a divine energy beyond the realm of space and time governed and controlled by certain.

Supernatural forces, which cause the formation of galaxies, stars, living beings and all other things by certain, set principles.

All religions of the world are in the form of an epicentre of all teachings of the ancient philosophers and religious teachers. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions on the earth. The traces of which have been found in the Indus valley civilization and subsequently Aryan propagated natural forces likes Earth (Bhoomi), Sky (Gagan), air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and water (Jal) giving rise to the concept of almighty natural force named as God or Bhagawan.

Gayatri mantra is an important hymn in the praise of these elements written in Vedas. In later Vedic period, the concept of Gods with different manifestations like Vayu Dev, Surya Dev etc came into existence. The Vedic and later Vedic literature gave rise to belief in the existence of God. The Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer, the concept of incarnation of Gods took shape when evil spirits began to commit great crimes on earth. The various is carnation of Vishnu took place to redress the earth and to relieve her burden of her distress. And finally, each individual chose his own personal God or Goddess according to his personality and pre-dispositions to achieve ultimate peace. A real saint or Guru, as a middleman who can be helpful in determining each individual aspiration with the supreme power.

Westerns have difficulty in understanding Hinduism principally because of its vast pantheon of gods. Each god has an associated animal known as the “vehicle or vahana” on which they ride, as the identification of the god, as well as consort with certain attributes and abilities. Generally each god also holds a symbol; you can offer recognize which god the accompanying vehicle represents.

On his eighth Vishnu came as Krishna, who has been raised by peasants and became a great favourite of the working classes. Krishna as renowned for his exploits with the gopis she Shepherdesses and his consort as Radha or the head of gopis, Rukmani and Satyabha. Krishna is often blue in colour and plays a flute. Vishnu’s last incarnation was on visit nine, as he Buddha. This was probably a ploy to bring back the Buddhist splinter group back into the Hindu fold due to the complexity arose of Brahamanical rituals.

Vishnu appears one of his incarnations as he sits on a Counch, made from the coils of a serpent and his hands holds two symbols, the Counch shell and the discus. Vishnu’s vehicle is the half man half eagle known as the Grauda. Vishnu’s consort is the beautiful Laskshmi who came to sea and is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Brahama’s consort is Saraswati, the goddess of learning she rides upon a white swan and hold the stringed musical Instrument known as Veena. Narasingha incarnation or Man Lion incarnation in animal form.

To achieve the goal Lord Krishana pronounced in Gita three routes.

(1) Bhakti Marg or devotion of God: The Marg or route south had been adopted by such holy personalities like Meera Bai, Surdas, Tulisdas to inculcated faith among the people in general.

(2) Gyan Marg or acquisition of knowledge and dissemination. The marg taken by Saint Kaber and Guru Nanak etc by reforms brought in the Hindu society.

(3) Karm Mag or doing good to others in this route. Swami Dayanand etc actively centrilasted towards establishing the Vedic order suited to the contemporary society.


Gods and Goddesses
1)Hindu God (Lord Ganesha)7
2)Existence of God and man's relationship with Him8
3)Popularly worshipped Hindu Gods and Goddesses9
4)Om (A. U. M) God as Nirgun11
5)Lord Vishnu the preserver15
6)Lakshmi Ji Goddess of fortune and wife of Vishnu ji18
7)Lord Brahma Creator of the Universe21
8)Saraswati Ji Goddess of learning and wife24
9)Lord Shiv destroyer of evil27
10)Parvati Ji Goddesses of fertility and wife of Shiv Ji33
11)Lord Ganesha God of Auspicious Beginning and Remover of obstacles35
12)Lord Kartikeya God of war37
13)Lord Vishnu incarnations including Ram Chandra Ji and Krishna Ji39
Other Popular Gods/Goddesses
1)Other popular Gods/Goddesses/deities and mythological events48
2)Worship of the nine planets54
3)Cosmic cycle, age of Universe or time division55
1)Hindu concepts/beliefs/rituals57
2)Popular revered or Saints/Gurus/Holy personalities65
3)Popular Hindu religious literature69
4)Hindu Sanskars73
5)Popular Hindu festivals75
1)An idea of the Hindu calendar80

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