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The Immortal Characters of The Mahabharata (Classic Literature For Children) (Set of 5 Books)

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The Immortal Characters of The Mahabharata (Classic Literature For Children) (Set of 5 Books)
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Item Code: NAG983
Author: Yogesh Joshi
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
ISBN: 9788124307618
Pages: 200 (Through out Colour Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 11.0 inch
weight of the book: 790 gms
About The Book

We are pleased to publish and dedicate 'The Immortal Characters of the Mahabharata' to our young readers.

The Mahabharata is not only a great epic, but a record of our rich culture and heritage. The stories in these books are edited versions of dramatic incidents and popular legends of this brilliant epic.

The simple and well-structured language of these books will encourage self-reading in children, and enrich their vocabulary. The lucid style and attractive pictures will captivate their imagination. The portrayal and interpretation of the characters will develop a deep sense of understanding and reasoning in children, arouse their creativity and sensitivity, and inspire them to develop a strong moral mind-set. We are sure that even grown-ups will appreciate our humble contribution to children's literature.


Content (Book-1)


1 Bhishma
2 Bhishma's Solemn Vow
3 Karana - 1
4 Karana - 2
5 Drona
6 Ekalavya
Contents (Book-2)


7 Mighty Bheema
8 Bheema Slays Bakasura
9 Bheema Slays Jarasandha
10 Bheema In Kurukshetra
11 Draupadi's Swayamwara
12 Draupadi Is Dishonoured
Contents (Book-3)


13 Yudhishthira is Invited to a Game of Dice
14 Yudhishthira Loses The Game of Dice
15 Yudhishthira Tells A Lie
16 Krishna's Childhood
17 Shri Krishna
18 Kunti
Contents (Book-4)


19 Arjuna's Single-Mindedness
20 Arjuna's Wins Draupadi
21 Arjuna's Preparations For The War
22 Arjuna As Brihannala
23 Arjuna In Kurukshetra
24 Abhimanyu
25 Gandhari
Contents (Book-5)


26 Duryodhana-1
27 Duryodhana-2
28 Ashwatthama
29 Dhritarashtra
30 Bhishma On A Bed of Arrows
31 Yudhishthira In Heaven

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