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नामलिंगानुशासने पाणिनीयप्रभाव: Impact of Panini on Nama-Linga-Anushasan

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This book deals with the influence of Paninian grammar on Amarakosa , the well -  known workd of Amarasimha. The work contains nine sangrahas (chapters) and each chapter contains a list of words. In Chapter I, those words are dealt, whose derivation is based on the rules of first chapter (adhyaya) of Astadhyayi. The derivation of the world, according to the rules of grammar is given, then the relevant reference from  Amarakosa, demonstrating the influence of Panini grammar is stated. Similarly, in the case of other chapters also the words, their derivation etc. are given based on respective adhyaya of astadhyayi. The ninth chapter deals with gender (linga). The work is accompanied by an elaborate introduction in Sanskrit dealing with vyakarana and kosa in Paninian grammar, by Prof. Sudarshan Sarma

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