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The Incredible Sai Baba (The life and miracles of a modern-day saint)

The Incredible Sai Baba (The life and miracles of a modern-day saint)
Item Code: IDH498
Author: Arthur Osborne
Publisher: Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8125000844
Pages: 98
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7" X 4.5
From The Jacket

It is perfectly true, as the author remarks, that Sri Sai Baba, although well-known all over India. Is not known outside India; especially in the Western countries. The author wishes to introduce him to the Western world. With this laudable object in view he has written this book which contains Sri Sai Baba's brief life, teachings, miracles and anecdotes. Although Sri Sai Baba's life, as depicted in the book based on authentic reports of his devotees, is strange and eccentric, no one who has come in contact with him and his deotees can deny the fact that he was, and Ramdas can say, he is, a saint of the highest spiritual eminence.

Ramdas had the privilege of visiting Shiridi about four years ago for the Darshan of baba's Samadhi. He found that the atmosphere in the Mandir where the Samadhi is located was vibrating with spiritual peace and joy. Sai baba seems to be still living in that holy place. Another wonderful sight that met Ramdas' eyes was that a regular stream of devotees was pouring into the temple for the Darshan of Baba's Samadhi throughout the day. In Ramdas's wanderings in different parts of India and during his visit to the houses of devotees he also discovered everywhere pictures of Sai Baba adorning the walls. His popularity is so vast and wide that his name has become almost a household word among the people of India who hold him in the highest veneration. Sai Baba is a most potent spiritual force that moulds and transforms the life of spiritual aspirants who seek his guidance and blessings even to this day.

The author, Sri Arthur Osborne, has done an invaluable service to the seekers of Truth in the West by presenting this book to the world. He has, in a spirit of love and devotion to Sai Baba, related the most important events in his life which stand out in bold perspective, conveying to the heart of the reader the pre-eminent glory of Sai Baba. Sai Baba's divine personality seems to have captured the heart of the author and he writes about him with such a spontaneity, giving details of the life and miracles culled from various sources, that he cannot but create in the heart of the reader a wave of admiration and devotion for this great spiritual master.

Ramdas earnestly wishes that book should be in the hands of every spiritual aspirant and, for that matte, everyone, whether he is a believer or non-believer, so that he can know how God reveals himself in the form of a unique and fully inspired saint of Sai Baba's stature. Sai Baba's sayings are quite original in their import and expression. The last quotation from Baba's sayings, as mentioned in this book, has charmed 'I give people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what I want to give them.

Back of the Book

This book is an account of the strange life and amazing powers of Sai Baba, one of the most unusual of India's holy men.

Sai Baba never wrote a book, never even read one, and yet learned scholars sat at his feet. He lived in a mosque, and yet his Hindu disciples outnumbered his Muslim ones. He taught them all according to their own faith, yet made them life at peace together. He taught through symbols, and through a wild profusion of well-attested miracles.

Although Sai Baba died in 1918, he still has countless devotees throughout India to whom he appears in dreams and visions and whose prayers and answered as miraculously as when he was alive.

IIntroducing Sai Baba1
IIThe Guru and His Family23
IIIHinduism and Islam48
IVSymbols and Powers57
VThe Symbolism of Money68
VIIDeath and Survival90
Continued Presence
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