Incredible Women of India (Set of Five Comics)
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Incredible Women of India (Set of Five Comics)

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Item Code: NAQ735
Publisher: Times Group Books
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789388243162
Pages: 160 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details 9.00 X 7.00 inch
Weight 380 gm
Born a poor refugee, Meher was blessed with both spirit and talent. She could ride horseback and design fine clothes. She could lead armies to victory and yet be a doting wife. She could attend to the problems of a vast empire, and at the same time be blissfully happy making perfumes. Emperor Jahangir fell under her spell and aptly named her Noor Johan, for she lit up his world with her love.

The Rani of Kittur
When Chenamma, the queen of Kittur, lost her only son she was steeped in sorrow. But when her husband reminded her that even the people of Kittur were her children she pulled herself together and devoted her life to their well-being. So committed was she to the honour and welfare of her land that when the British came asking for its allegiance she took on their military strength and fought them to the end.

Abbakka, queen of Ullal, a small principality (in what is now South Karnataka), had made a pledge to her dying mother that she would avenge her defeat and humiliation at the hands of the Portuguese. Defying her over-cautious husband, the king of Bangadi, and the under-confident nobles in her court, Rani Abbakka rallied her army to challenge the might of the Portuguese and wrest freedom for Ullal and later even for Mangalore.

The women of Rajasthan have always been known for their extraordinary courage. Uncompromising when it came to honour and loyalty they were ready to sacrifice their lives to uphold these virtues. This Amar Chitra Katha tells the story of Panna who sacrificed her son's life to save the heir to the throne of Mewar, and the story of Hadi Rani who inspired her wavering husband to fulfill his duty on the battlefield by sacrificing her own life.

Hers was a face that made powerful monarchs lose their wits. Having seen Padmini's reflection in a mirror, Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji wanted her more than anything else in the world. But she was already the queen of brave Ratnasen, ruler of Chittor. In an unfolding drama of lust and treachery, Ratnasen's band of Ra'put warriors displayed the outstanding courage for which they were rightly famous. And Padmini showed the world what love and honour mean to a woman.

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