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Indian Predictive Astrology: The Easy and Accurate Way to Interpret Your Future

Indian Predictive Astrology: The Easy and Accurate Way to Interpret Your Future
Item Code: IDG373
Author: Prof. Vishnu Sharma
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788122201888
Pages: 180 (Figure: 65 )
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7" X 4.5"
weight of the book: 150 gms

About the Book:

Predictive Astrology is not an art of fortune-telling. Contrary to the popular belief, it is an organised and a systematic body of knowledge with its own time-tested principles and well-developed rules. In ancient India it was studied as a part of the Vedas (a Vedanga) and cultivated to a high degree of perfection. It represents an accumulation of knowledge and insights into correlations that exist between planetary movements, the cosmic rhythms, and the events and happenings that shape our lives.

Based on the influence of the Ascendant, the Janma Nakshatras, and other planetary combinations, Predictive Astrology identifies the inherent capabilities of an individual and provides the freedom to select a course of action best suited to one's strengths.

In simple language, the book explains how to choose favourable options in education, career, profession and business; to predict wealth and prosperity, success in love, romance and marriage, the state of health and longevity, and happiness and harmony in life. It provides guidelines to convert opportunities to advantage. It thus enables us to be a master, rather than be a prisoner of our destiny - and therein lies the critical importance of Indian Predictive Astrology and of this book.

About the Author:

The author, Dr. V. K. Sharma, has spent more than 25 years studying and exploring astrological systems and their prognostications. His probings and significant contribution to astrology have been acknowledged in the form of several honorary titles being bestowed on him.

A regular contributor to magazines such as The Astrological Magazine, Occult India, Jyotishmati and Jyotisha Tantra Rahasya, Dr Sharma has delivered numerous lectures on astrology, occultism and mysticism. A telling example of the accuracy of his predictions was an article published in Occult India in August, 1988, in which he foretold of danger to Rajiv Gandhi's life through 'fire and explosions'. Sugama Phalita Jyotisha is a widely read book on astrology written by him in Hindi.

By profession, a professor of Botany at the M. L. Sukhadia University at Udaipur, Dr Sharma also heads the Srividya Astro-Research Centre at Udaipur.

Back of Book:

This book introduces and explains the ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom of Predictive Astrology - the Jataka Shastra, as practised and perfected over the centuries. It will help you understand how planetary influences shape your personality and predetermine major events in your life, thus providing you with the power to master your destiny and plan your future more successfully.

Publisher's Note:

Since this is a book on Indian Predictive Astrology, it is pertinent to point out that there are some definite differences between the Indian system of astrology and the Western system.

A major difference, among others, is that the date of entry of the Sun into each zodiac sign differs in the two systems. For example, according to the Indian system, the Sun enters Aries on or about April 14, whereas, in the Western system, the Sun enters Aries on March 21. The Indian system has been followed in this book.

Words in italics are Hindi/Sanskrit terms frequently used in astrology. Their English equivalents are given and explained both in the text and the glossary.




The Indian System of Astrology
1. Astrology: Study of the Preordained 9
2. Sun Signs 21
3. Houses of the Zodiac: Their Significance 29
4. The Influence of Ascendants 36
5. Janma Nakshatras: Determining Personality Traits 41
6. Navamshas: Assessing Planetary Strengths 45
7. The Influence of Planets 49
8. Ruling Planets: Shaping Life & Events 57
9. Planets & Zodiac Signs: Favourable and
Unfavourable relationships
10. Planetary Effects on Houses 68
11. Casting a Horoscope 75
Astrological Predictions
12. Predicting Educational Achievements 83
13. Predicting Favourable Careers & Professions 87
14. Predicting Wealth, Success & Prosperity 92
15. Predicting Love, Romance & Marriage 97
16. Predicting the Birth of Children 108
17. Predicting Health, Fitness & Vitality 114
18. Predicting Longevity 120
Planetary Influences
19. Dasha: The Ruling Period of a Planet 125
20. Planets in Transit: Benefic & Malefic Effects 144
21. Planets in Transit: The Ashtakavarga Chart 152
22. Some Important Yogas & Combinations 160
23. Illustrative Horoscope 164
  Glossary 172


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