Individual Preparation Required Before Ritualistic Worship

Individual Preparation Required Before Ritualistic Worship

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Author: Dr. Anjali Mukul Gadjil & Dr. Jayan Balaji Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789381342534
Pages: 81 (5 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the author

H. H Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale: The very first Holy text I wrote in 1987 was cyclostyled; that too was in a scientific language, where the subjects were explained with the help of charts, comparative studies, and percentages etc., which are normally not found in texts on Spirituality. Later too my technique of writing remained the same. Was this because I am a student of science? Or did god get it done through me to suit the present kaliyug?

A Scholar (from the subtle world): ‘GOD Himself got the writing done though H.H. Dr. Athavale to suit the present Kaliyug. God bestowed the highest qualifications on H.H. Dr. Athavale, so that intellectuals get convinced about the subject and start on their spiritual practice.’(Through Mrs. Anjali Mukul Gadgil, 8th October 2005, 1.59 P.m.)


A unique feature of Sanatan Hindu Dharma is the deep thinking behind acquisition of chaitanya through every action in human life. The various sanskars ( ceremonies done to imbibe different impressions) from birth till death, Dharmik-kruti (Religious rituals),k and rituals after death such as Shraddha are all beneficial for god-realisation, while rituals like Puja, yadnyas and other ritualistic worship can help us actually realize God. Puja is the simpled ritualistic worship that can be regularly performed in every house. We can easily acquire Chaitanya through this act. If the Pujak is able to generate maximum,Sattvikta in him before the Puja, then he will be able to acquire Chaitanya through the Puja. The Pujak’s individual preparation helps increase his sattvikta.

Before the Puja why should a man wear sovale-uparna, in-stead of shirt and pant and a woman should wear a nine-Yard saree, instead of six-yard saree, why should the pujak wear dark clothes, why should the uparna be draped on the left shoulder, why should women cover their heads with the saree-spiritual answers to these and other such questions if studied through this Holy text, will help us realize the importance of individual preparation for worship. Understanding the importance of a certain action helps in performing that action with fath with the result that such an action is more fruitful. Many are aware about applying Kumkum (vermillion), gandh(sandalwood paste), shendur(orange colour powder Bhasma ( Holy ash from a yad-nya) before Puja but they do not know how and where to apply them. This text also gives scientific guidance on such topics.

The important Principle in Spirituality is-‘God exists where there is Bhav.’ Preparation before Puja and actual Puja helps in developing devotion and Bhav. The shell of an oyster is very important till the formation of pearl; but once in possession of that pearl, the shell no longer has any importance. After developing Bhav or at a higher spiritual level, following ritualistic worship meticulously is not very necessary. In the next stage, performing Puja is also not necessary, since such a seeker is constantly in communion with God. But till we reach that level, we should focus on preparation before the Puja and the actual Puja as an important aspect of following Dharma.

We prey at the Holy feet of Sri Guru, that through this text may we realize the importance of individual preparation before the Puja and act accordingly and may we acquire maximum Chaitanya


Commentary by 'A Scholar'on the Divine Knowledge received about this Holy text10
Some terms used in connection with the Subtle dimension' and their meanings14
Introduction to the Recipients of Divine Knowledge and the Compilers16
1Sequence for the preparation before the Puja18
2Importance of individual preparation before puja18
3Individual preparation required before ritualistic19
4Science underlying the individual preparation before Puja23
5Puja alone is not sufficient for fast God -Realisation it is necessary to perform Sadhana of higher level77
6Preventing denigration of Deities is an essential lworship according to the current times77
Spiritual Knowledge at a subtler level about the subject 'Individual preparation required before ritualistic Worship'79
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