Interactive Workshop on Prasuti Tantra, Streeroga and Kaumara Bhiritya
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Interactive Workshop on Prasuti Tantra, Streeroga and Kaumara Bhiritya

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Item Code: NAS006
Author: Dr. V.V. Prasad
Publisher: Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 240
Other Details 11.00 X 8.00 inch
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Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth started conducting interactive workshops since August 2003. These are a novel kind of workshops in the field of Ayurveda in the contemporary times. The main objective of these workshops is to clarify the doubts of young .Ayurvedic researchers, teachers and students by bringing them in direct interaction with the experts of the concerned fields on a single platform. It is gaining popularity among various academic and research institutions and I am happy that other institutions are also appreciating the need of such workshops to make the professionals actually understand the concepts scientifically and apply them in the areas they are working in.

Seeing the successful response to the first two' workshops conducted in all subjects of Ayurveda, RAV ventured to conduct workshops on specific specialty. This is the fourth in this series. I pleasantly feel that the genesis of the workshop is progressing in the right direction. Sowing the seed and then trying hard for its survival and later transformation into complete plant demand constant attention, care and also treatment in case of the disease.

RAV was instrumental in sowing the seed and further care. The present workshop is showing the signs of successful evolution as the experts have accepted the challenge of the explorers and put hard efforts to provide the possible explanations for all the queries, be it simple or very intricate involving years of their experience and understanding of the subject.

About twenty-five years ago when I post-graduated, not only allopathic but also even Ayurvedic experts used to laugh at the very term of anasthi garbha (boneless fetus). But the culture of mouse and search engine has changed everything. We need not feel ashamed by assuming that unscientific and bizarre description has crept in to classical texts of Ayurveda. The narration of boneless fetus and (zr4i•-et---q I wrzra I I) in fact appear to be the reporting of rare incidents. Here, I would like to quote an incidence of a male child with hemophilia. When the researches tried to find out whether any of the X chromosomes of his mother has the defect in the concerned gene, to their surprise they found none of them was involved but the defective genetic segment had jumped to chromosome no. 22 and not only in mother but also in father. Imagine if some years ago if the researchers had laughed at the very idea of transoposons (i.e. jumping genes in the simple language) and discarded the case as a fabricated or unscientific reporting what would have happened.

Similarly are we on the verge of solving the puzzles of mysterious jataharini, bhutas, grahas etc ? The reporting of avian flu in the latter months of 2003 and its very fast spread even to remote places (against the very advanced technology to prevent the spread of infectious agents) certainly prove that jataharini was the reporting of such a serious epidemic, which might have wiped out most of the local population before/during the time of Kashyap.

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