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It's not a Creation... It's a Projection Through Expression

It's not a Creation... It's a Projection Through Expression
Item Code: NAQ575
Author: Dr. Kaushik Choudhary
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789384878306
Pages: 251 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
About the Book

Let us ride into an epic journey from the inception of our universe to the projection of human race. It is a much awaited revelation of human history, the unified science, which binds science and religion into, a continuous process of existence and gives all our answers under a common purpose. What human is? What god is? Why we are here and how we are here? Generations upon generations inhuman history have been lost without knowing these answers. But if this book is in your hand, you will not die before getting these ultimate answers. It is a guaranteed salvation which gives us the scientific meaning of what salvation is and how it is the final hope for this expanding universe. This is a re-launching of Upanishads which delivers the final truth of human life in a clear scientific language of modern science.

About the Author

Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary is an enlightened physicist and a spiritual speaker, in addition to be a dental surgeon in India. At the age of 27, he is a great sensation and surprise in the world of science today with his path breaking discovery of unified science connecting physics and spirituality. After renouncing the practical world once in his younger life, he realizes that until-the human's logics are not satisfied with a clear scientific answer of why he is on the earth, nothing is going to be changed even after the eruption of millions of new religions. He came back to the practical world then and after four years' terrible hard work, this book is his gift to the civilization. Dr. Chaudhary is also a member of The Film Writer Association of India where his many intellectual film scripts are registered.


When I was a child, my father always took me to the hospital of a kidney surgeon who was earning 100 thousands a day. My father always advised me to become a doctor like him. My dreams and visions for life were different from his but I somehow managed to become a dentist. On the day of my clinic's opening I met that kidney surgeon for the first time. He picked up this book I was writing on my desk and read the tagline 'Salvation is not just a human's goal; it is its prime responsibility’.

His eyes shone with hope reading this, a hope that the truth would be unlocked. The kind of hope I had some years ago. We stared at each other silently and carefully listened to the words behind each other's silence. I said in a firm and confident voice, "The city's biggest doctor is in the search of the truth!" He replied immediately, "After gaining everything, man realizes that whatever he had run behind was not that he really needed. The incompleteness and dissatisfaction of life still remains and man continues to search for that little thing that can fulfill life. That little thing is worth more than what we have gained so far."

Today we are good friends. He inspired me to complete my book quickly so that he could read it. At that time I was caught up in some aspects of my theory relating to astrophysics and general relativity. I soon found clarity and this book is out now.

To any spiritually enlightened man, it is always an undesirable act to share his personal realizations. He finds his self neutral and complete. And when one feels completeness, the desire to express one's self gets lost. But I feel it is my duty to share with you the truth behind the many inventions, described in this book, which can alter the course of humanity and direct it to a new beginning.

From a very early age, I had understood a clear fact that life is not about gaining everything or collecting everything around us because one day you will just disappear from the center of that heap. The height of panic is you don't know which day you will be gone.

Even after scoring 97 per cent of merit marks in my Senior Secondary Exam, the panic thought gradually deepened and captured my mind when I joined eleventh standard in science stream. I was deeply attracted to Physics in those days. It was a science that explained existence and I lost myself in it. But to score in an exam was a different matter altogether. My way of studying was not adequate enough to score more than 80 per cent. But thankfully that was enough to fulfill my father's dream and I took up dentistry. Here I was a person with lost goals and in search of a purpose to breathe.

Initially I believed that life was a time slot given to you in during which you have to give back something to the world. I felt movies were a great medium to bring about massive changes in people's thinking. I wrote scripts; some were political thrillers and some were love stories but every story had a political backdrop such as the judicial reforms, communalism verses socialism, the danger from Naxalists, and the Tibetan issue. But I was often told that my scripts were five to 10 years ahead of time and they were more suited for the Hollywood audience and not the Indian audience who was interested in typical romantic comedies and adrenaline-pumping South Indian action.

By the time I completed my final year of graduation, I had come close to signing up with producers twice. But something would happen at the last minute before the film went to the floor. During my internship when it happened for the third time, I lost my patience. I went to the terrace of my hostel at 2 p.m. in the night. I asked god angrily what is it that he wanted me to do. I was doing nothing for myself. I was trying to find solutions to the problems of the world and all he did was condemn me. What did he want from me? What should I do? What is the truth? Why am I here? I spent the whole night on the terrace. Thereafter, I locked myself in my room for a few days. I did nothing except eat food twice a day. On the fifth day, at midnight when I was sleeping, I felt a sudden spark of energy in my closed eyes. The light was so bright that I woke up. And when I opened my eyes, I was not able to see anything except a shining flash of energy. There were no walls, no windows, no doors and no bed. I tried to touch my face but I felt I had no hands. There were just my eyes which saw everything turn into a flash of a singular energy, nothing else. This sight remained for about 10 minutes and for another two hours in a less intense form. Some days later I came to know that it was the famous Nirvikalpa Samadhi experience for which many sages spent their entire lives. Perhaps this was a gift for my mad, aggressive pursuit for the true purpose of life from my childhood.

After that I never looked back and every day I learnt a new fact of truth. The glamour of the film industry was losing its importance from my thoughts. I spent several days in Belur Math of Ramakrishna Mission to get a place where I could make peace with myself. Gradually I came to realize that if the world and universe are one then they should be driven by only one science. So there must be a singularity between what I felt spiritually and what I learnt in physics. There must be a theory which can describe the universe under a single fundamental purpose. There must be a common continuous science which can give answer for both the kind of questions like; why the strong force does bind the similar charges in nucleus and why our mind is able to fantasize the things which it hasn't seen or things which it has seen years before? Why mass curves the space-time and why the death is compulsory end of every life? What does happen after the death of beings? Where does their eternal energy go after death? What gravity is and what the salvation is? What is the fate of universe and what is the purpose of human life? These different questions of same world can not be counted as two separate realities. They must be answered all in one go by a unified science of our existence.


Indians are the most intelligent thinkers in the world but the problem is they think so extensively and deeply that they reach the final stage of existence and realization of the truth. And from there, no one wishes to come back to express his self and obtain wordy pleasures because they have no value compared to the ultimate bliss of realization. The Indians are calm because of these reasons. They have a highly scientific religion that no one can argue against. It can consume all the sciences of the world but not a single Indian has picked up the sword to spread his religion. This is because of their extensive thinking and realization of the singularity of world. But after the British invasion of India and its influence on Indians, things have started to be changed. The British are great expressers and they have sparked that ability of expression in Indians too. And this is the greatest gift of the British to the India which will turn the direction of history one day. Because when an Indian stands up against the world to express his science, knowledge and realizations, the world will become speechless by the ultimate bath of bliss.

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