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Jaimini Astrology

Jaimini Astrology
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Jaimini Astrology

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Item Code: NAX355
Author: P.S. Sastri
Language: Engilsh
ISBN: 8170820138
Pages: 109
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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Jaimini astrology is different from the system of Parasara as developed and explained by Varaha mihira and others. But there are chapters in Parasara's text explaining this system which was later developed by Jaimini. This system is unique in its aspects, interpretation, and dasas. One can time the events within a month by following Jaimini's method.

Prof. B.S. Rao rendered valuable service by publishing the first two chapters with translation and notes. Then Mr. Kar brought out the next two chapters with his reading and notes. In between Dr. B.V. Raman enlightened the readers with his Studies in Jaimini Astrology. I am deeply indebted to these three. Moreover, it was Dr. B.V. Raman who prevailed upon me to write a series of articles on the system of Jaimini as lessons for the common reader interested in astrology. These lessons appeared in the Astrological Magazine between January 1982 and October 1984. I am deeply obliged to Dr. B.V. Raman for enabling me to bring these articles in a book form. By favoring me with his valuable foreword he has placed me in a deep debt of gratitude.

I am much obliged to Shri Narinder Sagar for bringing out this book in an elegant style.

It is with great pleasure that I write a few words by way of a Foreword to Prof. P.S. Sastri's JAIMINI ASTROLOGY.

Prof. Sastri has been known to me for over three decades. His erudition and deep insight into astrology, apart from his scholarship in philosophy, Mantra Sastra etc., is profound.

Unassuming and not seeking limelight, Prof. Sastri's dedication to astrology is sincere and sustained, as could be seen from his innumerable articles published in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE during the past four decades.

This work generally serialized in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE ; "Lessons in Jaimini Astrology", explains as simply as possible the distinguishing features of the Jaimini system and its practical application and sets forth reliable methods, peculiar to Jaimini's genius, for forecasting longevity, profession, marriage and other important life-events.

Prof. Sastri's treatment of Jaimini is clear, comprehensive and easy to understand even by those who may not know astrology. The book provides techniques and insights which are eminently applicable to all horoscopes.

Principles of Jaimini astrology set forth in the following pages will, I trust, contribute to a clearer understanding and appreciation of a system that is unique though not very popular with the majority of astrological scholars and savants.

I wish the author all success and look forward to his bringing out authoritative books on other aspects of astrology.

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