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जवाहरजीवनम् - Jawahara Jeevanam

जवाहरजीवनम् - Jawahara Jeevanam
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Item Code: MZO640
Author: S.B Velankar
Language: SANSKRIT
Edition: 60
Pages: 103 (11 B/W Illustartion)
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.15 kg
About the Book
The idea of this composition originated in the count-less reminiscences that followed the death of the late Panditji from all corners of the world. A first beginning was made by me with 8 verses broadcast by A.I.R. Nagpur on the 8th day of the mourning. It is song 78 of this book. Thereafter, on transfer to New Delhi, a systematic reading was undertaken and the first few efforts were shown to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the President. This poem does not attempt to depict fully the mundane life of the late Prime Minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru; but deals primarily with his thoughts and ideas as expressed by him from time to time on various subjects, which came into his ken. It has, of course, not been possible to take up all the subjects on which he expressed himself : only a sample has been chosen; but an attempt has been made to cover the stream of his entire life so far as his thoughts are concerned. It will be noticed that on all subjects he has one common motif, namely the welfare of India. The words actually used in the composition are obviously not those used by the speaker himself; nor was it intended to render a verbatim translation of his words and expressions. A central idea is chosen and developed in each song on the lines of his thoughts. It will a:so be noticed that he has repeated himself on certain topics of importance to the Indian life. This repetition has been, naturally I hope, reflected in the composition to some extent. This poem has been divided into four parts: the first part deals with his life and thoughts upto the attainment of Independence; the second one deals with his ideas as he spoke them as the first Prime Minister of independent India.
About the Author
Born in 1915 in Maharashtra, India, the author Shri S. B. Velankar published his first Sanskrit poem in 1929. Now is 1989, in the 61st year of his first Sanskrit publication, he is publishing his 61st Volume of Sanskrit writing-a Collection of lyrics, not merely eulogising PANDITJI in his Centenary Year, not just describing his life but bequeathing his thoughts on India and its progress to the future generations. In 'Retrospect' which is the main theme now, the results of the hero's Life and Mission are visualised. The book is a MUST for any Collection on PANDITJI.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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