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Kaivalyadhama Souvenir (4th International Conference Yoga Research and Value Education 28-31 Dec 2002)

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Kaivalyadhama Souvenir (4th International Conference Yoga Research and Value Education 28-31 Dec 2002)
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Item Code: IDJ402
Publisher: Kaivalyadhama Samiti Lonavla
Language: English
Edition: 2002
Pages: 154 (Color Illus: 33, B/W Illus: 5)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.0 inch
weight of the book: 340 gms


Kaivalyadhama experiences immense pleasure in welcoming all the guests, well-wishers, delegates and Yoga lovers hailing from different parts of our Mother Earth in this 4th International Conference on Yoga Research and Value Education (28-31, Dec, 2002).

We all are aware of the present scenario the world over wherein violence, cruelty, socio-economic imbalances, intolerance, meanness, apathy towards the sufferings of fellow beings etc. is seen. Such a situation has developed only because the affective dimension of education is not given proper attention in our present day formal Educational System. This in turn poses a constant threat to our global value concerns such as democracy, secularism, universal brotherhood, peace and harmony etc. therefore, an imperative need of the day is to dwell on the causes of such a value crisis, which pervades in every walk of life and to create an awareness of possible solutions.

In this direction, Kaivalyadhama, which is an embodied form of Rev. Swami Kuvalayanandaji's vision. Values and ideals, is committed to revive the human values by unfolding and implementing the ancient Yogic lore through its threefold activities - Research, Training and Treatment.

In furthering the mission in the new millennium, Kaivalyadhama is making an humble attempt by providing a common platform for the experts of different disciplines to ponder over the theme of the Conference to create an awareness and to bridge the gap between formal education and affective education through implementation of the ancient yogic wisdom which is widely accepted as an universal and secular in nature.

The Souvenir of this Conference is in your hand containing glimpses of Kaivalyadhama, past and present, with the information about the pillars of this Institute who have dedicated their lives for the actualization of the vision of Swamiji. The articles by Swamiji, the Founder Director and his successor Swami Digambarji, are expressive of their vision about the potentiality of Yoga and its application in overcoming the value crises. Other articles also contribute towards highlighting some of the glimpses of their vision.

We thankful acknowledge the continuing support extended by Govt. of India and Govt. of Maharashtra as well as by the donors, advertisers and well-wishers in making the mission of Kaivalyadhama successful.

"May the maker of all, make this conference successful. May He help us in realizing all our potentials. May He give us the strength to spread the peace and harmony all around us."


1 Kaivalyadhama and its Off Shoots 37-62
2 Can Yoga Help Elimination of War ? 63-67
  by Swami Kuvalayananda  
3 Some thoughts about a Few Concepts in Yoga 68-70
4 Swami Kuvalayanandaji - Some Memoirs 71-77
  by Dr. P. V. Karambelkar  
5 Perfect Person of Vision - Swami Kuvalayanandaji 78-79
  by O. P. Tiwari  
6 Special Features of Hindu Psychology 80-83
  by Dr. Vijayendra Pratap  
7 Swami Kuvalayananda - A Scientifically - Minded Yogi 84-88
8 Value Education & Swami Kuvalayananda 89-91
  by Dr. M. L. Gharote  
9 Swami Digambarji As I Perceived and Experienced 92-94
  by Dr. M. V. Bhola  
10 A Great Soul that Emerged for Yoga 95-100
  by Shri. S. P. Nimbalkar  
11 Memoirs of my Relationship with Revered Swami Kuvalayananda 101-103
  by Dr. Kalidas Joshi  
12 Yoga - The Basis of Morality 104-105
  by Dr. Samprasad Vinod  
13 Revalidating Ancient Wisdom 106-108
14 Yoga Vidya Dham Blessed by Swami Kuvalayanandaji 109-109
  by C. D. Lavgankar  

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