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कालिकापुराणम् : Kalika Puranam


The Kalikapurana is one of the important Upa-puranas. This Purana is also known as Kalipurana. Kalikapurana is extensively quoted by the Smrtinibandha-Karas of Assam, Bengal and Mithila. Internal and external evidences show that this work was composed in or around Kamarupa le €. Assam in tenth or eleventh century A.D. These aspects will be dealt with in a separate volume proposed to be published as "Studies in the Kalikapurana."

The present edition of Kalikapurana is based on the Calcutta edition of Pt. Pafichanana Tarkaratna and two sets of manuscripts collected in Assam. The two manuscripts are almost identical. No major or substantial difference iS noticed. For preparing the text of the present edition the text of the two manuscripts are minutely compared with the text of the Calcutta edition. The readings which appear to he more reasonable and correct are accepted and the variant readings are given at the foot note. Variant readings due to scribing mistake are ignored. Variation such as 4, ag fé are also not mentioned.

The two manuscripts differ from the printed edition in arrangement of chapters. Following chapter-division of the manuscripts the present edition is divided into 90 chapters instead of 91 or 92 as is found in some editions.

While the printing was in progressI had the opportunity to compare the text of the present edition with a manuscript preserved in Gaikawad Oriental Library, Baroda. Photostat copy of the work from India Library, London was also compa- red. Variant reading, however, could not be inserted. I propose to refer to allthe important variant readings in the second volume "Studies in the Kalikapurina"’ where all aspects of this Purana are dealt with.

I am gratefull to Pt. Monoranjana Shastri for his advice and to Prof. Naliniranjan Sharma for his help in preparing the text of the work.

I am also thankfull to the authority of M/S Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, Varanasi for bringing out the work to the light.

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