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Kamasutra of Vatsyayana (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

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Kamasutra of Vatsyayana (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)
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Item Code: NAK695
Author: Dr. Amal Shib Pathak
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789381608500
Pages: 423 (8 Color and 4 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 570 gms
About the Book

There are number of editions of Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana available today. The Present one can count the following as its distinguishing features-

i). It has made use of two manuscripts namely 'Praudha-priya' Commentary on Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana by Bhaskara Nrsimha Sastri and a fragmentary work based on Dattaka Sutra.

ii). The 'Introduction' carries detailed account of origin and development of sexology in India and the 'notes' at the end attempts to throw fresh light on each of the seven adhikaranas of KamaSutra.


About the Author

Amal Shib Pathak studied for his Ph.D in Sanskrit Literature from Lucknow University. His guide for research was Dr. Atul Chandra Banerjea, the then Reader in the Deptt. of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit, who later became the Vice chancellor of Faizabad University. The subject of his thesis was "Stage and stagecraft of Sanskrit Plays". He had studied Kudiattam of Kerala under Late Mani Madhavan Chakyar in Ottappalam and had traced its relationship with ancient Indian theatrical practices.

After serving in State Bank of India for 36 years he has taken up studies in Sanskrit Literature. He had edited three unpublished manuscripts viz Kama Samuha of Ananta, Sringara kavya of Sankara and Kama Sara of Kama Deva, His edition of Natya Locanam of Trilocanaditya has recently been published by Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan.

"His edition of Nagara sarvasva will be a valueable addition to the available works on Kama Sastra".




  Page No.
History of Kama sastra 5
Svetaketu 12
Babhravya 14
Dattaka 21
Carayana & others 32
Vatsyayana 37
Later writers on sexology 42
Chronological chart 49
First Adhikarana  
Sastra Sangraha 3
Trivarga Pratipatti 9
Vidya Samuddesa 18
Nagaraka- Vrtta 26
Nayaka Sahayha etc. 35
Second Adhikarana  
Ratavasthapana 45
Alingana vicara 55
Cumbana- Vikalpa 61
Nakha-Kshata 67
Dasana chheda 73
Samvesana Viddhi 80
Prahanana & Sitkrita 88
Purusayita 94
Auparistaka 101
Ratarambhavasanika 110
Third Adhikarana  
Varana-Samvidhana 121
Kanya Visrambhana 127
Balopakramana 135
Eka-purusabhiyoga 143
Vivaha-yoga 153
Fourth Adhikarana  
Eka-carini- Vrtta 161
Jyesthadi Vrtta 171
Fifth Adhikarana  
Stree Purusa Silasthapana 185
Paricaya- Karana-Abhiyoga 195
Bhava pariksha 202
Duti-karma 208
Iswara - Kamita 221
Antah purika vrtta 229
Sixth Adhikarana  
Sahaya-gamya-agamya gamana karana 241
Kantanuvrtta 249
Arthagamopaya 260
Visirna-pratisandhana 269
Labha-visesa 277
Arthanarthanubandha-Samsaya 285
Seventh Adhikarana  
Subhagamkarana 297
Nasta-raga-pratyanayana 308
Sadharanadhikarana 319
Samprayogika Adhikarana 322
Kanyasamprayuktaka Adhikarana 333
Bharyadhikarika Adhikarana 337
Paradarika Adhikarana 341
Vaisika Adhikarana 344
Aupanisadika Adhikarana 351
Bibliography 355
Abbreviations 357

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