Kanadatippani- A Commentary On Gangesa's Avayavacintamani: Critically Edited with Cintamani, Translation, Notes and with Mulamathuri & Mulajagadisi in the Appendices (An Old and Rare Book)

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Author: Subuddhi Charan Goswami
Publisher: Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 81864385772
Pages: 216
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Book Description

It is a matter of great relief to me that the full text of Kanada's commentary on the avayava section of Gangega's Anumanacintamani has been successfully restored from avail-able manuscripts. Admixture of readings of the said text with mathuri and jagadisi was a long-standing problem in the academic arena and a project was undertaken by me long ago for Ph. D. Degree under the supervision of Late Professor Krishnanath Chatterjee, my revered colleague and the then Head of the Department of Sanskrit. His sudden demise caused tremendous hardship for me and I had to halt several times in completing the project. I now pay homage to departed Prof. K. N. Chatterjee with this book.

The basic text of Gangega and the commentary upon it by Kanada Tarkavagisa have been translated into English for understanding of those works by non-traditional and non-Sanskritic scholars. Mathuri and Jagadisi, though published by the same author previously, have been added here in order to help the readers to see all the three commentaries in one single volume.

I am grateful to the authorities of the Rabindra Bharati University and particularly to the Department of Sanskrit for publishing the work in the UGC-aided Sanskrit Series. I express my deep sense of gratitude to Professor Bharati Mukherjee, present Vice-Chancellor of the University. She is a source of courage, inspiration and perseverance in all my works. My colleagues in the Department are always sympathetic and cooperative towards me and I am ever thankful to all of them. I am thankful to the Registrar, the Finance Officer, the Development officer and the Publication officer of the University for taking prompt and effective measures in the matter of publication. Last of all, I thank Sri Krishnagopal Banerjee of Service Printers and other members of his establishment for their sincere effort of achieving perfection in the matter of printing.

Existence of two sounds ba and va in Sanskrit causes tremendous problem in the correction of proof. I crave indulgence of the learned readers for mistakes, if any occurred in the publication of the book.

NAVYA-NYAYA: Necessity of Restoration of Texts: Bengal School of Navya-Nyaya is represented by a host of stalwarts like Basudeva Sarvabhauma, Raghunatha Siromani, Kanada Tarkavagisa, Mathuranatha Tarkavagisa, Jagadisa Tarkalankara, Gadadhara Bhattacarya, Bhavananda Siddhan-tavagisa, Janakinatha Bhattacaryacudamani, Krsnadasa Sarva-bhauma, Ramabhadra Sarvabhauma, Gunananda Vidyavagisa, Sankara Tarkavagisa, Krsnakanta Vidyavagisa, Madha-vacandra Tarkasiddhanta and others. A vast literature came to develop by their incessant writings on Navya-Nyaya. Dr. Dinesh Chandra Bhattacharya in his book Bange Navya-Nyaya Cara has given an exhaustive report on the life and works of those neologicians of Bengal school. A good number of texts of Navya-Nyaya have already been published in the B. I. Series of Asiatic Society. Calcutta, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, Varanasi and from elsewhere. Manuscripts of Navya-Nyaya are collected in the libraries and museums of Calcutta and outside. But in spite of all these efforts made so far the entire tradition of Navya-Nyaya particularly that of Bengal school is not yet fully restored. There are innumerable manuscripts which are yet to be searched out and collected and yet to be published. This is a tremendous pains-taking and time-consuming job. A few of such texts may be cited here as examples.

The commentary of Basudeva Sarvabhauma known as Saravali Gangega’s Tattvacintamani is one of the earliest of its kind in the Bengal school. The text of this valuable commentary is not yet fully recovered. Dravyakirahavalipra-kasadidhiti of Raghunatha Siromani is another such book which is waiting for restoration and publication. Nyayalila-vatiprakasadidhiti of the same author has been recently edited by Dr. Suparna Misra and the book is waiting for publication. Krsnadasa Sarvabhauma wrote several works on Navya-Nyaya including Prasarini, the commentary on Tattvacintamani. According to the findings of Dr. D. C. Bhattacharya he was a great scholar and was the teacher of reputed Bhavananda Siddhantavagisa. Manuscript copies of all his works have become rare now. It is interesting to note that in the extant manuscripts of Bhasapariccheda Krsnadasa name is referred to as its author in many cases.

Janakinatha Bhattacaryacudamani, known to be the founder of a separate tradition of Navya-Nyaya in Nabadwipa, is recognised generally as the author of Nyaya-siddhanta-manjari. His other works like the commentary on Tattvacintamani and on the fifth chapter of Udayana's Parisuddhi still remain unrecovered. He was the teacher of Ramabhadra Sarvabhauma, another stalwart Naiyayika of Nabadwipa. Ramabhadra was very much fortunate to have pupils like Mathuranatha, Jagadisa, Gourikanta Sarvabhauma and Jaya - Rama Nyayapancanana. His works have been partially recovered and published. His Guharahasya, an important treatise on Vaiseshikas metaphysics, is yet to be recovered.

Dr. D. C. Bhattacharya mentioned several works of Navya-Nyaya composed by Bhavananda. But only a very few of them are restored and published till now. ..Sabdarthasaramanjaris an important treatise written by him. As reported by Dr. Bhattacharya the book is available in fragments only.

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