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Karmic City (The City of Lord Vishnu)

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Author: Hema Myer Sood
Publisher: Karmic Odyssey Books
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788193127803
Pages: 344
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Book Description

About the Book

THE CITY OF LORD VISHNU presents a unique concept of a karmic bank balance and an unusual portrayal of the Nine Avatars of Lord Vishnu. An enthralling poem on the spider's web of karma enlightens you with profound insights.

A poignant explanation of the Divine Colloquy between Lord Krishna and Arjuna at the different levels of consciousness is the hallmark of this book! The captivating explanation of Arjuna's despondency proffers new thought-provoking insights to the Holy Geetha.

Part Two describes the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature and our ability to imbibe pure vibrations from the five elements. This part gives detailed explanations of the chakras, the aura and the mystical Kundalini. It concludes with an unusual perception of the solar eclipse and invites you to continue with Book Three, The City of Lord Shiva.


Philosophical and speculative thoughts have played a major role in the evolution of India's religious traditions. Of the diverse philosophical schools that have flourished in our country since the dawn of human civilization and played critical roles in influencing the progression of our religious beliefs, Vedanta represents a key philosophical tradition. While many of these philosophical schools emerged and subsequently submerged in the ocean of time leaving slender traces behind, Vedanta remains alive even after the passage of more than three millennia. Unlike the other schools of philosophy, it survived because of its integrality to the Sanatana Dharma, the eternal way of life that came to be later called Hinduism or the `dharma' of the Hindus.

The literal translation of the word Vedanta is the end of the Vedas' but, in reality, it is `the culmination of the Vedas', the most ancient scriptures not only of our subcontinent but anywhere in the world. The greatest exponent of Vedanta was Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya. The core creed of Vedantic philosophy is that man's real nature is divine and Brahman or the Divine exists in every human being. Therefore, religion is essentially a search for self-knowledge, for the celestial within us. Its other critical precept is epitomized in the axiom, "Ekam sat, vipraha bahuda vadanti" - Truth is one but there are many paths to it and all are equally acceptable. Thus, Vedanta's teachings are extremely insightful and relevant in today's context of growing religious divisiveness in the world as it teaches respect for all religions.

In her fourth and the latest book, Karmic City, the author, Hema Myer Sood, has portrayed a spiritual perception of the primordial and subtle relationship between man and the soul at different levels of consciousness. The Karmic City trilogy series is a spiritual interpretation of man's unending journey, from birth to death to a new birth, in his evolutionary and never-ending quest for immortality. The author has interwoven spiritual poetry with the similes of ocean waves. She draws upon the novel form of a dialogue between the nameless protagonist, allegorically called the Soul, and a group of individuals aspiring to imbibe spiritual philosophy. In this inner voyage of quest, the protagonist charts a passage through the three holy cities - the cities of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva - that the author envisions as lying within all of us before culminating in the city of Lord Shiva, portrayed as the youthful guru, Lord Dakshinamoorthy, who annihilates our egos and endows us with highest spiritual knowledge. This treatise is a good example of the seeming complexities of a school of philosophical thought being made easy for everyone to understand and enjoy. I congratulate Hema Myer Sood for her imaginative handling of a complex theme.


Pr he Karmic City trilogy seeks to introduce you to the four 1 different levels of consciousness. The unique portrayal of these levels has the capacity to enhance the spiritual illumination of an aspiring seeker. This knowledge seeks to uncover the latent wisdom inherent in us that often remains unknown or unexplored. The City of Lord Vishnu unfolds different facets of karma which subtly influences our lives. Our limited perception comprehends only the binding effects of karma in the actions that we continually perform. Confused by the veils of karmic bondage that we are ensnared in, we live a frenetic life fluctuating between moments of joy and sorrow. Part One expounds on the basic philosophy of Karma Yoga at different levels of consciousness.

Through the simile of a karmic bank balance, the complex philosophy of karma tallies the profits of spiritual enhancement in a simple way, so that we can relate to the need and the importance of comprehending the first four levels of consciousness. In mathematics, difficult problems can be solved only if our basics are strong. The same principle applies in life where problematic issues can crop up from both known and unknown quarters. We haven't really been taught the scriptures with the idea of using their wisdom in helping us to resolve such issues and in strengthening and overcoming the infirmities of our minds. We assume the knowledge of our scriptures is meant only for older people. But the wisdom enshrined in them affords us all, beyond artificial barriers of age, with a revealing pathway leading us to true liberation with a remarkable clarity of expression.

The divine glories of Lord Vishnu have been extolled endearingly by sages in every century. Lord Vishnu's enchanting Leelas and captivating roles of the different Avatars which He has portrayed have often been extolled. The role of each Avatar has a significant and symbolic meaning. There have been some extraordinary moments when a devout seeker perceives a glimpse of the subtle form of the Lord, a divine form of luminous effulgence. These moments transform our lives forever, imbuing our thoughts with wisdom. The celestial vision confers bliss and supreme knowledge that profoundly enlightens us. Yet we become increasingly aware that what we perceive and eventually comprehend portrays a minuscule part of the infinite Lord. The path of Karma Yoga and bhakti is always associated with the enchanting form of Lord Krishna.

The Holy Geetha is like a brilliant diamond that continually sparkles to reveal changing shades, tints and hues. An unusual interpretation of the Bhagavad Geetha is expounded in a refreshingly novel way which augments our higher consciousness. In the forthcoming pages, I have attempted to present a glimpse of the sparkling streams of philosophy that are intertwined in the Holy Geetha, glorifying the Supreme Thinisha. These chapters depict different levels of karmic consciousness and inspire us to adulate the Supreme Purusha. The journey continues by leading us to Part Two towards the domain of Panchabhutani. A poetic description of the five elements of Mother Nature is the hallmark of the second chapter. Part Two portrays different aspects of our subtle bodies that are collectively known as the aura. Through meditation we can attain a higher understanding of our subtle bodies. Meditation allows us to discover new facets of our astral and causal bodies.

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