Kishkindhaa-Kaanda (Descent Four) Shree Raamacharitamaanasa

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Item Code: NAC027
Author: Goswami Tulsidas
Publisher: Richa Prakashan
Language: Original Text, its Romanization & Hindi-English Translations
ISBN: 8187062924
Pages: 118
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.8 Inch X 5.8 Inch
Weight 290 gm
From the Jacket

Shree Raamacharitamaanasa is light house of Indian culture, which has been illuminating the paths of human beings for ages. In the entire galaxy of literature, the Raamacharitamaanasa is the most sacrosanct and priced jewel. There is hardly any piece of literature which is so deeply embedded into the mind and heart of the people across boundaries.

This epic has been acclaimed as not merely the quest of one individual for the truth, welfare and good but as an insight into the making of the mind and institutionalizing many social institutions interalia family in the Indian social system. It has moulded whole generation of Indians and inspired people from many countries.

This edition of the Kishkindhaa-kaanda strives to present authentic Hindi-English translations of the fourth descent of Shree Raamacharitamaanasa, in a lucid style. The chaupaiyees and shlokas have been simplified through Romanization, to an extent that even a person who is not acquainted with Devnagari script or Hindi language would read then without any stress or strain.

‘Richa Prakashan’ is dedicated to the publishing of Spiritual, Religious & Yog books with a mission to enable the People of Indian Origin, NRIs & Foreigners to read and understand books on such topics.

Reading books like Shree Raamacharitamaanasa, Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, Hanumaana Chaaleesaa, Sachitra Shiva Chaaleesaa, Sundarkaanda, Sachitra Aaratee Sangraha etc. has been made easy through Romanized English & authentic Hindi - English translations.

Lately books in regional languages like Bangla (Shree Kaalee Chaaleesa, Shree Durgaa Chaaleesaa), Gujrati (Shree Hanumaana Chaaleesaa) & French/Tamil (Thirukkural) hove also been developed on the same pattern. Such efforts are made specifically for our Friends abroad - who are unable to read the original text written in Hindi/Sanskrit/regional languages but wish to read these books.

While developing these books, Quality - both in terms of production of these books & in providing authentic content, has been our prime area of focus.

Special offers and customizations are made available to individuals! organizations/temples/NGOs ordering these books in bulk quantity and wishing to distribute them to the community.

For more details, visit our website which is regularly updated with new & upcoming titles.


1. Mangalaacharana 5
2. Shree Raama Se Hanumaana Kaa Milanaa 12
3. Baali-Uddhaara 35
4. Seetaa Jee Kee Khoja Mein Hanumaana Aadi Kaa Prasthaana 75
5. Sampaatee Bhenta 90
6. Jaambavanta kaa Hanumaan ko Bala Yaada dilaakara Utsaahita Karanaa98
1. Aaratee Shree Raamaayana Jee Kee 1
2. Aaratee Shree Hanumaan Jee Kee 3
3. Shree Hanumaana Chaaleesaa 5
4. Sankatamochana Hanumaanaashtaka 9
5. Bajaranga-Baana 13

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