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Krishnamurti- His Life and Teachings

Krishnamurti- His Life and Teachings
Item Code: NAX652
Author: Bob Gibbons and Sian Pritchard-Jones
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788177696134
Pages: 94
Other Details: 6.00 X 4.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.07 kg

Juddu Krishnamurti remains one of India's most fascinating and baffling philosophers. His long life as the anointed 'World Teacher' is an enigma-a story of enlightenment, a tragically imprisoned life, an inspirational masterly prelude to a better world...? Whatever opinion one may have of Krishnamurti, it will not be one with which every-one will agree. The man simply defies any current analysis of his interpretation of the meaning of life and existence. The views and ideas of Krishnamurti are unique.

Within these pages we have attempted to give a brief outline of his life and his message. It should be remembered that this small book can in no way give an in-depth view of the teachings of Krishnamurti; it remains merely an introduction.

In order to appreciate the themes that Krishnamurti discussed endlessly, one must refer directly to his own writings, his speeches and talks. Many of his discussions which have been reproduced are found in the form of an interactive dialogue be-tween himself and his audience. These can be obtained from the Krishnamurti Foundation or Krishnamurti Writings Inc.

To produce any book about Krishnamurti is a daunting task. We do not seek here to explain his teachings, for that would mean to add our own slant, our own interpretation of his words. To do this would not be in the spirit of his message. We aim simply to arouse the reader's interest, and leave it to the words of Krishnamurti himself to illuminate his teachings.


The life and philosophy of Krishnamurti is a subject discussed, written of and talked about in India and in the wider world to an astonishing degree. The subject elicits great passion from both its followers and its detractors.

Krishnamurti's life's work was to seek the truth of existence. In his search for the goal of `Truth' we can refer to his own words, written as early as 1928, in his book 'Life in Freedom.'

"I would show you how I have found the beloved... I have long been in revolt from all things, from the authority of others, from the instruction of others, from the knowledge of others. I would not accept any-thing until I found the truth myself. I neveropposed the ideas of others, but I would not accept their authority, their theory of life. Until I was in that state of revolt, until I became dissatisfied with everything, with every creed, with every dogma and belief, I was not able to find the truth..."

His quest continued for seventy years.

"Because I am united eternally, inseparably, with my Beloved of all-who is the beloved of all, who is yourself-I would show you the way because you are in pain, in sorrow, in doubt. But... You must have the strength of your own desire to attain... your desire must come from your very soul. It must be the result of your own experience, for by that alone will you attain..."

"Till I was able to unite with the eternal, I could not pass the truth of others; till I was certain of having found the lasting goal, I did not want to say that I was the teacher..."

"I set out to find for myself the purpose of life and I have found it, without the authority of another. I have entered that sea of liberation and happiness in which there is no limitation or negation, because it is the fulfilment of life."

How Krishnamurti became a philosopher and how his life developed is as much a part of the story as his message. A brief outline of his fascinating life is given here, from his discovery by the Theosophical Society to his wider teachings in their own right.

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