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The Laws of the Spirit World

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The Laws of the Spirit World
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Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788179929858
Pages: 360
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
weight of the book: 590 gms
“There is no religion in the Spirit World. We worship one God only.”

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On February 22, 1980, Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri’s world was shattered. One Month later, A New one opened.


All my life I have been asking questions. I always perceived things differently from most people, which was a result of my thirst for knowledge. Ever since I was young, I would gaze at the stars and somehow know that we were not alone in the universe, that I had friends in the Spirit World — my guardian angels who always love and look after me.

My family taught me to be respectful of all religions. An inborn curiosity led me on a journey. In time I became a firm believer in Sai Baba of Shards, and I told Him about my deep yearning for a spiritual master on Earth. It was then that I came across a lady, whose name was Khorshed Bhavnagri. The first day I met her and spoke to her departed sons, Vispi and Ratoo, I felt a great kinship when they called me Small Brother.

The knowledge that I gained about the afterlife through Khorshed Bhavnagri — or Khorshed Aunty, as I called her — was recognition more than discovery. It was something my soul already knew. To me, the afterlife is simply an extension of this life. We are all spokes of a wheel, coming to a centre, which is ONE GOD. We are all connected.

In the 25 years of learning with her, Khorshed Aunty was much more than my spiritual master. She was my best friend, someone I could trust, someone who was open minded, non-judgemental, aware, had a great sense of humour, and possessed a luminosity and healing energy.

She helped me appreciate the value of experiences. She made me understand that the positive experiences were my blessings, ones that I should be grateful for, and that the negative ones were not to be feared, for they were my real teachers. A simple “God Bless” and “All will be well” from her were enough to put all my fears to rest.

I was completely open with her and discussed everything — God, my relationships. my work, the difference between religion and spirituality, karma, past lives, the purpose of rebirth, prophets, angels, psychic phenomena, extra- terrestrials, why human beings are self-destructive, death, old age, loneliness, fear, the healing nature of crystals, the importance of now, the power of intention, thought and prayer, whether God is kind or punishing, how I could understand the meaning of it all and evolve — and realise my place and function in the grand design and scheme of things.

Khorshed Aunty answered all my questions, but always told me char in the end, the most important thing was to be a good human being on Earth and always follow the Godly Good Path. She made me realise that I was solely responsible for my actions and that I could not blame God or anyone else for whatever came my way. She also taught me the importance of selfless service, controlling the mind, spreading God’s knowledge and guiding and comforting people who had lost their loved ones. When I needed guidance most, Khorshed Aunty and her husband, Rumi Uncle whom I was also extremely close to, offered me a loving environment, full of wisdom and laughter, in which my spirit was nurtured, trained and eventually freed.

Even though they are not alive anymore, I feel I have two more angels in the spirit world looking after me. I do not mourn their absence because I know that they are with me all the time. Moreover, they have left with me the most valuable of all guides — spiritual knowledge. Please read this book with an open mind and understand how simple and powerful the truth really is. Vispi always emphasised that this knowledge could be understood even by a child, and that the truth is always simple.

Fortunately, I am not the only one whose life has been changed by Khorshed Aunty and Rumi Uncle. Over the last 25 years, thousands of people came to them and received spiritual knowledge, guidance, comfort and healing.

I hope this book does the same for you.


Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri lived in Byculla in Bombay, India with their two sons, Vispi who was born on August 9th, 1950, and Ratoo, on December 13th, I 95 I. As the boys grew up they were extremely interested in all aspects of motoring. Eventually, Vispi and Ratoo set up a garage for motor services and repairs. They also participated in several motor rallies.

In the fateful year of 1980, Vispi and Ratoo were to enter a 1,632 mile cross-country motor rally. The rally was to start on February 23rd, and Vispi and Ratoo decided to take the car out for a trial run from Bombay to Khopoli, before the event. Khorshed narrated what happened just before their sons set out on their journey. “Ratoo hugged me tight, said goodbye and went out. He hardly went down a few steps (we lived on the 2nd floor), then he came running back to the door, to me. Again he hugged me tight and kissed me. I could not understand why, because this was unusual for Ratoo. He went down one floor, then once more he came running back to me and held me tight and hugged me. By then Vispi came to wish me goodbye as well. I told them to drive carefully. They said, ‘Don’t wait for us, mama, we will go till Khopoli and return, or we may stay overnight and come back tomorrow morning.’”

Just as they got into their car, the boys met their father. Rumi told them to drive carefully. Ratoo replied, ‘Why are you worried, daddy? In any case, we can’t go over 30 [miles per hour] since we have just overhauled the engine. We will be alright.’ So, at 8.30 chat night, Vispi and Raroo set out in high spirits along with two mechanics and a friend. When they did not return by 8 o’clock the next morning, Khorshed and Rumi began to worry. At 8.30 am a mechanic from the boys’ garage came over saying that there had been an accident somewhere near Khopoli, and that both Vispi and Ratoo were in hospital.

Rumi rounded up a few friends and sped towards the accident site at Khopoli. There they found Vispi and Ratoo’s car smashed into a tree. Nobody was around, but they learned that the boys had been rushed to the hospital a few minutes away. When Rumi got to the hospital, he was told that both Vispi and Ratoo had been killed on the spot, but the other occupants of the car had escaped with minor injuries. Rumi asked the mechanics what had caused the accident. All they said was, “We were asleep one minute and the next minute there was a crash.” Everything felt unreal to Rumi. He was fortunate to have his friends and neighbours with him to help with the formalities in the hospital. With a heavy heart he returned home and wondered how to break his tragic news to his wife.

As Rumi painfully climbed the stairs to his apartment, Khorshed kept asking him from the landing, “Why have you taken so long? Where are Vispi and Ratoo? Why can’t you move faster?” When Khorshed heard the news, she broke down. She felt she had nothing to live for.

Khorshed’s faith in God was shaken. “1 had been very religious,” she said. “Now, for the first time, I began to question whether there was a God. If there was a God then why should He do this terrible thing to me, snatch my Sons away when I have never harmed a hair on anyone’s head? I was ready to give up God, religion and life.” Then something wonderful happened. On the 29th day after the funeral, a neighbour named Mrs. Dastoor told Khorshed and Rumi an amazing story. Mrs. Dastoor’s sister-in-law had gone to a concert and, during the intermission, overheard a lady speak of two boys who had recently died in an accident and wanted to send a message to their parents. So Mrs. Dastoor’s sister-in-law had taken down the lady’s telephone number.

The next day, Khorshed and Rumi got in touch with this lady and she invited them to her house. She had lost her brother and was in contact with him through seances organised by a powerful medium named Mrs. Kapadia. On one such occasion, the seance was interrupted by a cry 1mm two young boys. The boys said they had died in an accident and that their parents were shattered. They winced their parents to know they were happy in the spirit world and not to worry as they could see their parents.

On March 22nd, 1980, Khorshed and Rumi attended a group seance at Mrs. Kapadia’s residence on Napean Sea Road. Mrs. Kapadia, the medium, sat in the centre and the others were seated around her. She moved from one person to another to assist them in their communication with their dear ones who had died. When Mrs. Kapadia came to the Bhavnagris, the first words uttered by her were, “Hello Mummy, fatso.” That was what Vispi had always called his mother. The fact that a stranger knew such an intimate detail was what gave Khorshed and Rumi proof that it was their sons, and this restored their faith in God.

Vispi and Ratoo then told their parents that they wanted to talk to them alone. So Mrs. Kapadia gave them the name of another medium, an elderly lady called Mrs. Rishi. A few days later the Bhavnagris spoke fo their Sons through Mrs. Rishi, They said, “Mom and Dad, rishis is Vispi and Ratoo. Yes, we died and reached the spirit world within minutes of our death. It is Gods will and God knows what is best for each one of us. God is good. You must not cry for us or miss us, we are much happier here. We can see you all the time, and are looking after you. We cannot communicate with you until you are completely relaxed and happy. You have to develop powers of concentration.” They also told her that she had to stay on Earth to do her spiritual mission, which was to help people and spread spiritual awareness.

Over the next few months, Khorshed and Rumi, with the help of their sons, developed powers of complete concentration and relaxation which made direct communication between the parents and their sons possible through a process known as ‘Automatic Writing’. She would hold a pen lightly onto a book, concentrate intensely, and gradually the spirits of her deceased sons would use her hand to move the pen slowly and unevenly over the page. At first there were mere scratches, but with days of practice, words formed and she could ask questions aloud, to which the answers would come, written onto the book.

Shortly after the boys’ death, a very unfortunate family problem arose and Khorshed and Rumi had to resort to litigation. Contrary to the advice of some lawyers who said they should not light the case, Khorshed and Rumi chose the lawyer on the advice that their deceased sons conveyed to them telepathically. To their surprise, against all odds, the litigation came to a successful conclusion. This was one more sign that the Bhavnagris were indeed being guided and protected.

After some time, Vispi and Ratoo conveyed to their parents a desire to dictate, by the same process of automatic writing and then telepathically, a book containing the laws of the spirit world, for which they had obtained special permission from higher souls. They thought it would be of considerable benefit to human beings on Earth to know the true laws of God and the spirit world, which, if followed, could help them advance spiritually. It was the desire of Vispi and Ratoo that the book be dictated, published and distributed widely. However, Vispi and Ratoo were very clear that their teachings and beliefs were not to be forced on anyone.

As friends, and even strangers, heard of Khorshed’s communication with her sons, they came pouring in at the Bhavnagri residence. Khorshed and Rumi slowly realised that by reducing the pain of others through selfless service, their own pain was being considerably reduced.

This was how they found solace after the death of their sons. They provided guidance and comfort to both young and old. By sharing their story, they prevented people who had suffered a similar loss from being consumed by sadness. They counselled people regarding problems ranging from addictions to physical abuse, but eventually they nourished those souls who had a true thirst for spiritual knowledge and a desire to improve spiritually. People posed questions, both spiritual and personal. Many of those questions have been reproduced in Part II of this book.

As there is no religion in the spirit world, questions and answers that relate purely to any particular religion have been excluded.

Rumi and Khorshed Bhavnagri passed away in 1996 and 2007 respectively, and are happily reunited with their sons in the spirit world.


Foreword ix
Preface xiii
Part I: Spirit Communications from the Journals of Khorshed Bhavnagri
The Real Laws of God Improvement through Self 2
Analysis 4
Justice 6
Spirit Communications 7
The Story of the Old Man and the Book 9
Understanding God’s Laws 11
How we Died and the Realms of the Spirit World 12
The 7 Realms of Planes 15
Our Real Home 18
Beasts of Burden 19
Is It Godly to help everyone? 20
Earthly Crimes vs. Sins22
You have to pay for your Sins 23
The Devil Does Not Exist 25
Yu truly reap what you sow 27
Rebirth 28
Fight Evil 32
Only Genuine Desire can lead to change 33
Visiting another realm in the Spirit World 34
God’s Justice 36
Spirit Communications 39
How the Realms work 41
Your soul nature is your true self 44
The silver cord 45
When you are asleep, You are healed and Guided 46
Life on different realms 47
The Lower realms are full 49
Why some people die young 50
Good souls are misled by negative souls 53
Control your mind 54
Our feelings in the Spirit World 56
Jimmy’s Story: On earth, people are not what they seem 57
Jimmy’s Story Contd: You cannot fool God Almighty60
Jimmy’s Story Contd: God’s Justice Always Catches up62
Jimmy’s Story Contd: God is always watching64
The Earth is a school 67
The Purpose of Rebirth 68
The Story of a good soul who was blinded by an evil man 69
Your subconscious mind can become dormant 75
Awaken your subconscious mind 79
Satish’s story: You must have courage to improve 80
Soordas Story: A Soul Risks all to be with His Loved one 83
Soordas Story Contd: Niloo’s love for Soordas is tested 86
Soordas story contd. His high good soul comes down to earth 88
Soordas Story Contd; Soordas Fall even lower 91
Soordas Story Contd; A weak soul finds courage93
Soordas Story Contd; Pride has a fall97
Soordas Story Contd; The Reawakening of the subconscious mind 100
Soordas Story Contd; His high good soul appears 103
The subconscious mind is the real you 106
Why past-life memory is not revealed 108
Spirit Guides 113
Twin Souls 114
Good or evil is your choice 117
Spirit communications help comfort loved ones on earth 118
Most souls have been to lower realms 121
Misconceptions about spirit communications 121
Why some people fear spirit communications 123
Why you choose to be born on earth 125
Why you dread death 126
Suicide is a sin 127
The high good souls 128
What is a good deed? 130
Revenge 132
Suresh’s Story 133
You cannot treat everyone in the same manner 135
Face your problems now, Bravely and with a smile 136
Never encourage negative it in others 137
View things from a spiritual angle 137
Do not let horoscopes influence you 138
Power can be used for good or bad – projecting and receiving powers 139
Always be cool and calm 140
Marriage 141
Develop your power in the right manner 142
Prayers should always be short and sincere 143
Pride always makes you fall spiritually 144
You cannot escape paying for your sins 145
Part II Q & A
Automatic Writing 149
The Spirit World 157
The soul and the subconscious mind 182
Free will 201
Karma 205
Your mission on earth 226
Suicide 244
God 254
Prayer 260
Positive thinking 273
Pride and Humility 287
The shift of the axis 306
Self analysis sheet 315
An Interview with Khorshed Rumi Bhavnagri 325
Glossary 332
Recommended Reading 340
Afterword 341
About the Author 343
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