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Learn Assamese in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series)

Learn Assamese in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series)
Item Code: IHK046
Author: N.K Guha
Publisher: Readwell’s Publication
Language: English Text with Assamese Transliteration and Translation
ISBN: 9788187782056
Pages: 192
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.5 Inch X 4.8 Inch
weight of the book: 142 gms
Back of the Book

Assam had been an ideal meeting ground for diverse races streams of human waves carrying with them distinct cultures and trends in civilization settled here. Austro-Asiatics, Negritos Dravidians Alpines Indo-Mongoloids Tiber Burmese and Aryan penetrated into Assam through different routes. Assamese people are a uniquely fused community and their language is a unique fusion of languages of the races. What a wonderful experience it would be if we learn this language.

While sipping a cup of tea don’t we think of Assam which despite its depleted size due to partition contributes fifteen percent of total production of tea in the world. Assamese has been instrumental in fostering and enriching the regional languages of India thereby inculcating sublime Indian culture. Readwell’s learn Assamese in a month will qualify you to enter a realm which is varied and rich. Moreover learning it though English will be interesting and informative.


This title Learn Assamese within a month has been complied in a simple and lucid style for the beginner business executive foreigners and editorial staff who can easily pick up the language and steadily enter into the gateway of Assamese language which is full of treasures of culture and rich literature.

The alphabet is very akin to that of Bengali language. Sanskrit being the mother of many Indian languages including Assamese has been mainly instrumental in fostering and enriching the regional languages of India inculcating thereby the proud heritage culture and religious messages throughout the ages.

The necessity of learning regional languages has become almost a must for business and commercial people and for the spread of education and culture of the masses.

Publisher’s Note

We present this book learn Assamese within a month through English for the convenience of business community educationists students and foreigners.

Every effort has been made to make it a simple reading and interesting for grasping the language.

As it is very akin to Bengali language the Bengali and Hindi speaking students can easily make a break though and pick up the flowers in the garden of Assamese language with the least of effort and within the shortest possible time.


Preface 3
Publisher’s Note 5
1 Vowels and Consonants
How to write and pronounce
2 Alphabet 12
3 Reading and Writing (Vowels) 17
4 Conjunct 23
5 Pronunciation 29
6 Step to the Language 43
7 Numerals articles 52
8 Noun, Pronoun and adjective 61
9 Verb 74
10 Gender 80
11 Number 89
12 Case 94
13 Declension 101
14 Conjugation of verbs 118
15 Idiomatic uses of Assamese words 134
16 Phrases and Proverbs 157
17 Conversation in Assamese 169
18 Specimens of translation 177
19 Passages for Translation 181
20 Specimens of Assamese Prose and Poetry 184
21 How to write letters in Assamese 189
Appendix 192

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