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Literature and Infinity

Literature and Infinity
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Author: Franson Manjali
Publisher: Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, Shimla
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 81859527
Pages: 134
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.7"
About the Book:

This monograph is a sustained presentation of some of the contemporary theoretical perspectives on narratives, literary or otherwise. The reader does obtain a learned account of the fascinating work going on in the area that one may call by the hyphenated term 'literature-philosophy.' Writing is here seen as that transgressive activity which overcomes both philosophy, as well as literature itself.

This book is also about narratives. It is perhaps true that narratives are among the most pervasive of humanly-created phenomena. Narratives pre-exist the abstraction that we call 'language.' Human life is unthinkable without narratives. As human beings, narratives sustain us from birth to death. Narratives, particularly the religious, the mythical, or the folk are at the foundation of all cultures. And yet, narratives appear as fictions. Perhaps therefore, narratives never let us be in peace without further narratives. Just as language never lets us be in peace without further language.

About the Author:

Franson Manjali teaches Linguistics and Semiotics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has researched extensively on questions of meaning in language, literature and culture. His publications cover studies on a wide range of theoretical perspectives in the humanities. During an academic spanning over nearly fifteen years, Manjali has taught extensively, including courses in Semantics, Semiotics, Cognitive Linguistics, and Philosophies of Discourse. His earlier monograph entitled Nuclear Semantics-Towards a Theory of Relational Meaning (1991) was based on his post-doctoral research in Paris during 1987-89. His more recent publication, Meaning, Culture and Cognition (2000) is a selection of articles published in the 1990's.


I. Infinite Narration15
II. The Vicissitudes of the 'Sign'28
III. Dialogics or, the Dynamics of Intersubjectivity41
IV. Writing, Dialogicality and Community52
V. Ethics, Politics and Fables65
VI. Literature and Infinity74
VII. The Neuter88
VIII. Crossing Genres102
IX. Fragments117

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