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Longevity and Astro System

Longevity and Astro System
Item Code: NAY548
Author: MK Viswanath
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788192807225
Pages: 300
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.28 kg
The very subject of Astrology has been a tough one for many students, particularly the branch of longevity has been literally a hard-nut to crack for many. This situation could be due to the reasons that the main house of longevity is deciphered from 08th house, which is a hidden or mystical house. In the entire branches error top to bottom for a human being, longevity has been the main issue.

When a consultant approaches an astro-student, he / she should first verify the longevity aspect rather than any other points the consultant sought for, as longevity is the prime topic in a horoscope chart.

Human life span or longevity is long in most cases, but in some cases they are terse and curt too. Unless the astrologer is sure of longevity aspect, then only he / she are required to evaluate other life events. Sages say that the longevity is imbibed in the revolving wheels of karma or one's deeds or misdeeds. (;. For almost all astrological students, it is necessary to see quite a number of charts before one could strongly and confidently predict the longevity of a native.

<- This subject could be mystical or pseudo science, but it is not related or linked to a particular religion or region, particular caste or creed, or it is not the result of blind- belief or fatalism. It should not be mis-construed as superstitious or baseless. An Astrologer student, when the chart is analyzes systematically and methodically can offer result scientifically and should be ready to present this subject as Science in front of the citizens of this world.

The author is attempting to portray the chapter and chamber of Longevity as crystal clear as mirror or still waters in a beautiful lake, shedding more light into this hidden house of eighth house.

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