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The Magic Loshu Grid (Treasure of Numbers)

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The Magic Loshu Grid (Treasure of Numbers)
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The Magic Loshu Grid (Treasure of Numbers)

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Item Code: NAW391
Author: Gopal Sharma and Sewaram Jaipuria
Publisher: Lotus Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788183823524
Pages: 192 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.50 X 7.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.36 kg
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About the Author

Pt. Gopal Sharma, a world renowned Vaastu/Feng Shui expert and Astrologer, was born in a revered family of Vedic scholars & spiritual healers. With his passion of learning in ancient occult sciences, he has steadily become a luminary in many fields; after graduating from Delhi College of Engineering, in 1973.

His unique & imaginative contribution as a Development Engineer with Eicher group of companies from 1973-1978 is still appreciated by the top brass of the Empire.

During his subsequent long association as a technical / Economic Adviser with Punjab National Bank, Pt. Gopal Sharma had been deeply involved in the establishment / expansion and revival of numerous business/ industrial enterprises. To spread our rich ancient heritage, even to enlightened people of other religion, Pandit ji has been selflessly engaged in:

- Organizing / contributing to various workshops, seminars and giving consultancy in various parts of the world including Singapore, Dubai, UK, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Swedan, South Africa.

- Publishing useful information on various subjects in different Magazines & News Papers including Tahthaastu (USA), Mystique World (UK), Nirogdham, Future Samachar, Life- Positive, Jyotish Suman, Sadhna Path, Khaleez Times, Gulf News, The Pioneer, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express etc..

- Giving Consultancy on Vaastu & Pyramid Power through Radio at Dubai, Australia, Canada & various TV channels including DOOR DARSHAN, INDIA TV, JAIN TV, ZEE- TV.,AASTHA CHANNEL, TV ASIA (USA).

Pt. Gopal Sharma was also consulted by the Government of U.P. for planning the entire TRONICA CITY; the prestigious 1600 acre residential cum industrial complex; which proved a phenomenal success. His services were also utilized by the erstwhile Chief Minister of Orissa for conducting research about all the leading temples in the state.

At present, he is an eminent technical/management & financial consultant for many large industrial/business houses including Hellmann Germany, Birlas, United Shippers, Piramal Group, Thapars, Jindals, Surya, Prakash Pipes, Action Group, House of Chemicals Dubai, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, Pasco Automobiles, Sleepwell, Swiss Auto, Sahni Tyres, Gautam & Gautam Architects, Members of Royal Families in UAE, Deepak Fertilizer & Chemicals, Baraza and Sassy-Spoon Chain of Restaurants, Choice Group USA, Rohit Bal Group of Industries, Marriott Hotel USA, Ansal Group of Companies, AVG Logistics Ltd., Jaiswal and Nainik Group of Companies Nagpur, Patanjali Yogpeeth, India TV, News 18 & most of the leading Nationalized banks. Besides Vice-President of All India Federation of Astrologer's societies, which has 103 centres across the Globe, he is the founder President of Institute of Vaastu & J oyful Living, engaged in propagating the exhaustive guidelines exhibited in original texts; for the welfare of human beings. Through the Corporate Office of the Institute at Delhi and various contacts abroad, Pt. Gopal Sharma is presently adding peace, prosperity & happiness in the lives of people by giving consultancy & conducting numerous courses on various holistic sciences; having thousands of regular satisfied clients spread all over the globe; including those living in Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, Ethiopia Lebanon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Vietnam, Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Mauritius, Greece, F rance, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and U.K.

For years he continues to serve humanity; being the President of Aadi Shankaracharya Vedic Education Society a premier NGO's of the country. He has also been felicitated with several medals and prestigious awards selflessly promoting this edifice science including the Millennium Vaastu Shastri Award by ISKON, Bhaskar Award by Bharat Nirman, Atma Jyoti Award by HUDCO & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Maharishi Shaunak Award at Jammu University.

He has to his credit 42 books including many bestsellers in Hindi, English, German, Greece & French. Based on his published material, he has also been awarded the DOCTORATE IN VAASTU SCIENCE by the Open University at Sri Lanka.


Man is too insignificant before the gigantic creation. He finds himself surrounded by a world, which is too difficult to comprehend with his tiny intelligence. However, everybody's presence in this world has a definite purpose and his knowledge provides him direction for achieving this goal. Although, this Ancient Science had been described in great detail by the past masters; but majority of the present generation, does not have the knowledge about its fundamentals.

The world renowned Vaastu Consultant Pt. Gopal Sharma & the celebrity astrologer Dr. Sewa Ram J aipuria have done a great job in giving clear insight to the common man, for understanding and applying various Vedic sciences. Their commendable consistent efforts for last many decades has resulted in publication of numerous best selling books in Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Vaastu Shastra, Pyramidology & Gem Therapy.

In the same series this Book on Loshu Grid, presents the ancient knowledge in a simple, practical & scientific manner. It is the finest tool to explain and teach you the following:

- Draw a Loshu chart and interpret it accurately.

- Discover future trends in your life, by looking at . your personal years.

- Know your compatibility with other people, using an easy to use technique.

- Find easy to use solution for numbers, missing in your date of birth.

- Determine, whether you have an arrow of strength or weakness in your chart and ways to deal with it.

Time dimension theory revolves around numbers and reflects the basic fundamentals of Lo-shu Grid & Trigrams. The main tool in the formulation and understanding of this theory is the original Lo-Shu Square. In this square, the numbers One to Nine are arranged around the Nine Squares of the Lo-Shu Grid in such a way that any three numbers add up to fifteen in any direction whether calculated horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The number 15 express the number of days it takes for a moon's full waxing or waning cycle. The numbers also have meanings in accordance to the corresponding trigram.

The given trigrams of Kan, Kun, Chen, Sun, Chien, Tui, Ken, Li are readily used to energize the various life aspirations, according to Lo Shu grid. The interpretation and meanings of the numerals & combination ofnumerals are alsoamazing. I would like to sincerely appreciate the hard work done by the learned Authors, who have dedicated their lives in spreading the hidden knowledge of various ancient holistic sciences, to the society.


Some 4,000 years ago, Wu of Hsia, the first of the five mythical emperors of China, was working on the Hwang Ho (Yellow) River; trying to find a way to prevent the floodin g that regularly devastated the communities spread along the lower and middle streams of the river.

In the course of this research Wu found a tortoise shell, a highly auspicious omen as the people in those times believed that God lived inside tortoise and turtle shells. Wu and his colleagues discovered that the tortoise shell contained a perfect, three-by- three square on its back. This square, known as the Lo-Shu Grid, was remarkable because every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row added- up to fifteen; the number of days between the new moon and the full moon. The number five, found in the central position was also highly regarded in ancient China. Wu and his advisors were thus excited by this finding.

Wu was made emperor because he successfully solved the flooding problems, but his real claim to fame was his discovery of tortoise shell. From this finding, ultimately evolved the Ching, feng shui, the Nine Star Ki, geomancy, Chinese astrology, Chinese numerology and trigram therapy.

Numerology appears to have developed independently in other parts of the world, at around the same time. Over the years, different scholars including pythagoras have modernized it to make it more suitable for their way of life.

We were introduced to Chinese numerology by Ms. Lillian Too, during our visit in 1998 to Singapore. We considered ourself very proficient in numerology, but knew nothing about this system. Amazed by its detailed and accurate results, we had been trying to assimilate more and more information on traditional Chinese numerology system, which is still being used in many parts of Asia. The main contents of this book deal with the details of the Chinese numerology based on magic Lo Shu Grid and trigram therapy. During the visit to Europe & USA in 2001, we noticed that the system is in use in these parts of the world as well.

In our practice, we have found Chinese numerology extremely useful in daily life. Using this system we are able to quickly build up a complete picture of a person just as soon as we know his or her date of birth. Once we do Chinese numerology readings in a Seminar people frequently express amazement at the speed & accuracy; since most divination methods need more data & take much longer to prepare and interpret the details and cures thereafter.

As per our experiences of many decades in various occult sciences no other system can provide as much information with the same ease that Chinese numerology based on magic Lo Shu Grid does. By using this treasurer, one can find cures for his/her missing number as well. We are sure that readers find this system, extremely fascinating and helpful in their day to day interaction with people and will able to enhance the weak sectors, by judicially choosing their house number, car number and mobile numbers; besides using trigrams, given in this book.

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