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The Mahabharata in the tribal and Folk Traditions of India.

The Mahabharata in the tribal and Folk Traditions of India.

The Mahabharata in the tribal and Folk Traditions of India.

Item Code: IDG573
Author: K. S. SINGH
Publisher: Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, Shimla
Language: English
Edition: 1993
ISBN: 8185952175
Pages: 175
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.6" X 6.3"
weight of the book: 570 gms
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About the Book:

The Anthropological Survey of India undertook tow projects on Rama-katha and the Mahabharata in the tribal and folk traditions of India. The seminar on the Mahabharata was held at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study in collaboration with the Anthropological Survey of India and Himachal Kala Sanskriti avam Bhasha Academy. A number of papers were presented by scholars, out of which 25 papers have been selected for presentation in this volume. They deal with the adaptation of the Mahabharata story to the historical situation and cultural specificities of various regions of India, its impact on performing arts, literature, etc.

The Mahabharata is truly the story of India, of its communities which have linked themselves to the epic traditions in their own way. The diffusion of Mahabharata traditions and their adaptation and recreation in various situations is a continuing process, a matter of absorbing interest. It demonstrates the inherent resilience and dynamism of the civilization processes in the country.


The Mahabharata: An Anthropological Perspective
K. S. Singh1
Epic Metaphor in the Modern context of Indian Society
Jawaharlal Handoo13
Mahabharata Traditions and Kashmir's Links with the rest of India (Bharat)
R. L. Raina (Shant)22
Folk Version of Mahabharata in Jammu Region
D. RA. Bali28
Impact of the Mahabharata on Folk and Tribal Culture of Himachal Pradesh
B. R. Sharma32
The Mahabharata in Himalayan Folklore
Neeru Nanda47
Temples and Village Gods Associated with Heroes of the Mahabharata in Himachal Pradesh
H. R. Justa56
Thoda: A Martial Game of the Khasha People of Himachal Pradesh
C. R. B. Lalit66
Articles in Hindi79
The Mahabharata Based Art Form: Ojapali
Nabin Chandra Sarma111
Some Characters of the Mahabharata as Depicted in Folk Traditions of Eastern Uttar Pradesh
K. D. Upadhyaya130
Articles in Hindi140
Articles in Hindi145
A Hero of the Mahabharata in the Folklore of Central India
Mahendra Kumar Mishra157
Sarala's Oriya Mahabharata "A Vox Populi" In Oriya Literature
Pathani Patnaik171
Folk-Tales from Sarala's Mahabharata
Pravakar Swain177
Folk Traditions Related to the Mahabharata in South India
T. S. Rukmani184
Transmutation of Mahabharata Characters as an Index of Contemporary Social Status of Women
N. Krishna Kumari197
The Pandavulu and Mahabharata Tradition
P. Subba Chary203
Performing Arts and the Mahabharata-Textual Interpretations
Chummar Choondal211
Specific Folk Forms Related to the Mahabharata Prevalent in Tamil Nadu
Saraswathi Venugopal221
The Influence of the Mahabharata in the Village Temples and Deities of Tamil Nadu
K. Lakshminarayanan229
Mahabharata in Tamil
Ranganayaki Mahapatra241
The Rise of a Short Tamil Mahabharata and its Influence on a Folk Version
D. Seenisami246
Draupadi in Folk Imagination
P. Usha Sundari254
Select Bibliography261

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