Mantravalli  - Sacred Chants from Taittiriya-Aranyaka & Taittiriya-Samhita (Vol-II)
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Mantravalli - Sacred Chants from Taittiriya-Aranyaka & Taittiriya-Samhita (Vol-II)

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Publisher: Media Garuda: Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789382470014
Pages: 347
Other Details 8.50 X 6.50 inch
Weight 600 gm
About the Book

In many traditional cultures the use of sound is a significant aspect of spiritual practice. In the Indian tradition, sound, especially as embodied in the Veda-s, is exalted to a status second only to the Supreme.

Believed to have been revealed to ancient Indian Rsi-s while in a deep meditative state, the Veda-s are a vast collection of hymns that form the basis of the Sanatana- dharma and are held to be sacrosanct by its adherents. They are also the authoritative source of many significant schools of Indian wisdom and philosophy. The Veda-s are the source of mantra-s that have been, and are in practice. Mantra-s are powerful sounds, which when pronounced in the right manner and with the right intention, produce specific vibrations within our body. These vibrations have the ability to positively influence our physiologicalstate, thereby improving physical, mental and emotional health. This apart, mantra-s can also be used to bring about specific therapeutic effects in practitioners.

Mantravalli literally means a creeper of chants. This anthology contains a careful selection of sacred chants from various sections of the Veda-s, as taught by the legendary T Krishnamacharya.

This second volume of the book contains special sections of the Veda-s including the Taittirrya-aranyaka & Taittiriya-samhita portions of the Krsna-yajur-veda. Some of these mantra-s have been presented in their samhita, krama, jata and ghana forms.

The chants are presented both in the traditional Devanagari script and in the Roman transliteration form, along with a descriptive introduction for each chant.

Mantravalli I Volume II will be an invaluable asset to all those who are seriously interested in Veda-s and Vedic chanting.


sabdabrahmani nisnatah param brahmadhigaccati

(Amrta-bindu-upanisat) 'One who is deeply steeped in Brahman in the form of sound, will attain Brahman'

This book Mantraoalli-ll is a sequel to Mantravalli that was published earlier. The book is for advanced students of Vedic Chanting.

According to tradition, Sage Vyasa categorized the Veda-s into four divisions -Rg-veda, Yajur-veda, Sama-ueda and Atharva-veda. While each division has its own significance, the most popular among them is Yajur-veda. It contains hymns that deal With how to conduct rituals (Yajna), and hence the name. Yajur-veda is neither bound by metrical rules like the Rg-veda, nor is it sung like the Sama-veda.

The Yajur-veda has two parts: one is called Krsna-yajur-veda (Black Yajur-veda) and the other Sukla-yajur-veda (White Yajur-veda). The present book contains mantra-s from the Krsna-yajur-veda.

Based on the content, Veda-s are once again classified into - Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka and Upanisat. Each of the four Veda-s has these divisions.


Considered as the principal part of the Veda-s, this section contains all the mantra-s that are used in rituals and are usually in the form of long passages. Most of the mantra-s or hymns are in praise of deities that preside over the different aspects of nature for attaining prosperity here and happiness hereafter. Thus many mantra-s are meant for devotiona1 or ceremonial purposes. Generally they have a practical purpose, in that each mantra must accompany an action in a ritual.


The Brahmana portion of the Veda-s describes the significance, use and benefits of the Samhita mantra-so It details upon the correct performance of the rituals and contains commentaries about other sections. It stresses upon the infallible power of the correct pronunciation of the mantra-s and the efficacy 0 the rituals.

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