Medical Astrology for Beginners

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Author: Dr. S.C. Kursija
Publisher: All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
Language: English
Edition: 2010
Pages: 138
Cover: Paperback
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From times immemorial our rishees and sages, thinkers and reformers had collected and compiled literature on various topics for the upliflment of humanity .and search of peace of mind through extensive study of previous literature and the outcome of their own observations and experiences. They found that the life is continuous now from the time immemorial. The present life is only a part of it therefore they propound the theory of karma and rebirth.

The diseases are the result of our past karmas and indicated by weak and afflicted planets. This can be easily understood by an astrologer. Therefore every book on astrology has discussed the diseases and their yogas are scatterea throughout the astrological literature. I have only collected them and have presented in a book form for the intelligent readers with my own observations and experiences. I have used the astrology for the purpose of diagnosis as other laboratory tests, mrj and eat sean etc. It has given good results to understand the chronic diseases and whether the disease is curable or not, moreover it has helped me to understand the time period of onset of the disease which no other science can explain. Therefore astrology is science of sciences.

I express my sincere thanks to Sh. Arun Bansal, the President of All India federation of Astrologers Societies (Regd.). New Delhi.

I have written in detail about medical Astrology in my book “Medical Astrology for Astrologers” I have taken up congenital diseases, cancer, unnatural deaths and accident etc. in that book.



  Acknowledgements 4
1 General Principles of Astrology 14
2 Significations of Signs, Houses &Planets 20
3 Dreshkona Indicating Parts of Body 23
4 Miscellaneous Adverse Factors 26
5 General Health and Diseases 33
6 Timing of Disease 38
7 Balarishta 42
8 Brain and Nerves Diseases 52
9 Eye Diseases 57
10 Diseases of Nose 60
11 Diseases of Mouth 67
12 Diseases of Ear 72
13 The Diseases of External Throat/Thyroid Gland 74
14 Diseases of Lower respiratory Tract 80
15 Chest Diseases 84
16 Diseases of Heart 91
17 Diseases of Digestive System 96
18 Liver Diseases 98
19 Spleen - Enlargement of 101
20 Gall Bladder 103
21 Kidney and Diabetes 109
22 Diseases of Male sex organs 115
23 Disease of female sex organs 118
24 Diseases of Anus and Rectum 121
25 Blood Pressure 123
26 Fracture 126
27 Skin Diseases 132
28 Rheumatic Diseases  


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