Modern Tibetan Language Volume I (With Transliteration)

Modern Tibetan Language Volume I (With Transliteration)

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Item Code: NAC905
Author: Losang Thonden
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala
Language: (With Transliteration)
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788186470398
Pages: 246
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.6 Inch X 6.2 Inch
Weight 350 gm
About the Book

Modern Tibetan Language, Volume I, is a product of author’s long experience of teaching Tibetan language and has been critically and throughly reviewed by both Tibetan and foreign scholars.

Beginning with the alphabet, vowels and combination letters with stack letters, it presents the basic structure of Tibetan language accompanied by exercises after each lesson.

This revised edition is being hailed as one of the best text-books on Tibetan language.

The lessons of this book are available on audio cassettes in author’s original voice and accent. It can be purchased seperately.


Publisher’s Note

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, founded by His Holliness the Dalai Lama to preserve and foster the growth of the Tibetan language and culture, is proud to publish the present work, Modern Tibetan Language by Losang Thonden, Language Research Scholar at the Library.

Six long years of research, backed by strenuous study and discussion with numerous native and foreign language scholars have gone into the production of this work whose depth, intensity and rationality in the presentation of the learning process of the Tibetan language has never been attempted before in any other published textbook.

A comprehensive and up-to-date textbook for reaching of Tibetan through the medium of English, Modern Tibetan Language has also been based on experiences gained by Mr. Thonden in his years of reaching Tibetan to the many Indian and foreign students in the Library’s Language Courses.

The demand for this book was so great that we had to reprint this revised edition before the second volume of this book could be published.

This Modern Tibetan Language has served as a very useful tool for the students of Tibetan language and has been reprinted eight times since its first publication in 1980.

This third revised edition is composed on computer typesetting and errors in language and typography corrections are incorporated.


Author’s Note

The Primary objective of the “Modern Tibetan Language” textbook is to further the steadily increasing interest of foreigners in Tibetan culture. It is, however, also intended to assist those Tibetans who do not have access to a first-hand study of their language.

Since Tibetan Buddhism is best learnt through the medium of the Tibetan language, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, a center for Tibetan culture, provides language classes. While teaching at the Library I have come to identify some common problems of non-Tibetan speaking people. I have considered these in my book and have also tried to assimilate other scholars’ useful suggestions as well as the opinions of many students.

I have concentrated on the dialect of Lhasa and have followed the rules of grammar and linguistics. Certain aspects of grammar, such as verbs, nouns, and particles are dealt with in greater detail. Colloquial expressions were chosen in relation to usual grammar rules. Other features include word by word translations, phonetics, and complete sentence translations. Exercises are included for students to assess their progress and in this revised edition answers are supplied at the back of the book. Thus with the help of this book students can acquire a sound foundation of the Tibetan language.

It is my hope that this book will contribute to the pioneer work of teaching modern Tibetan language. To assist in the learning of spoken Tibetan, a tape cassette based on this book is also under preparation.

I would like to thank the many Tibetan and foreign scholars for their encouragement and praise of “Modern Tibetan Language” as well as for their invaluable suggestions to improve it. I have incorporated many of these suggestions in this revised edition and the general presentation of the book has also been improved. Special thanks are due to Mr. Gyatsho Tshering, Director of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, for editing the English translations. I am also grateful to all the others who extended their kind cooperation and helped me to write this book.

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