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The Moplah Rebellion 1921

The Moplah Rebellion 1921
Item Code: NAW871
Author: C. Gopalan Nair
Publisher: Voice of India New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789385485220
Pages: 196
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.27 kg
About The Book

Any history of Khilafat -Non-co-operation movement which leaves out the role of the Moplahs in the horrible genocide of Hindus can never be taken as an authentic historical narrative. Thus, in the official historiography that we have since Nehru's days, the dominant view is that India's struggle for independence was primarily non-violent and it was thus entirely Gandhian. In this framework, many episodes, many personalities, many substantive issues--like the long history of violence-ridden Muslim separatism-communalism and much relevant explanations were strictly avoided This book based on the newspaper reports mainly the Madras Mail and the West Coast Spectator, and Government proceedings/statements, spread over two hundred pages, the author has done a factual and honest work that captures the horrible scenario in all its complexity. Thus, we can treat it as a primary source of credible information. Only if, all administrators could write like this, our history writing could have been so much easier!


As a pensioner, with ample leisure, at my disposal, I undertook the task of compiling the news, published from time to time in the newspapers regarding the Moplah rebellion which broke out at Tirurangadi on 20th August 1921, and with great diffidence, I venture to place before the public the account written by me, in the hope that this attempt at history writing will be appreciated by the public.

The book has no pretensions to originality; it is simply a collection of materials arranged under different heads, from which the course of events during the period of insurrection might be followed.

It has no pretensions to be a history; it is simply a chronicle of events, a sketchy view based on the articles and news in the Madras Mail and the West Coast Spectator, to both of whom my acknowledgments are due. I am also indebted to the West Coast Reformer for Mr. Gandhi's Speech on 18th August 1920.

To a non-official,' as I am at present, without access to official records, the chapter on 'military operations' presented great difficulty. No information was available except the very concise Press Communiques, giving information, but no details, of engagements between the Government Forces and the rebels. These communiques were sometimes issued on the day the events took place, often times on the next day, and in some instances on the third day, so that I was not able, in spite of all my at temps, to fix the exact date of the occurrences in some cases.

On pages 39 to 57 the communiques have been copied as they are, and the date at the beginning of each para generally represents the date of the communiques except where the dates of occurrence have been specifically mentioned. This explanation has become necessary in view of the impossibility to secure correct information until the official history is published. The facts have been correctly stated as published.

I have been able to secure photos illustrating different aspects of the rebellion, but must express my great disappointment that, in spite of all attempts, I was not able to secure a photo of Capt. McEnroy, the hero of Pookkotur.

I have to thank the Norman Printing Bureau for the printing and the get up of the book.

With these remarks, I place the book before the public and append hereto the opinion of R.H. Ellis, Esq., I.C.S., who was the Collector and District Magistrate of Malabar from 27th January 1922 to 12th December, '22.

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