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Mosques (Sacred Sites)

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Mosques (Sacred Sites)

Mosques (Sacred Sites)

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Item Code: IHL027
Author: Razia Grover
Publisher: Roli Books
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8174364412
Pages: 144 (Illustrated Throughout In Full Color)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.3 Inch X 9.3 Inch
From the Jacket

The story of the world’s great mosques is intrinsically related to the story and spread of Islam in the world. Against the canvas of the rise and fall of great Islamic dynasties this book takes the reader on a fascinating journey to ancient lands where some of the greatest architectural marvels of history were created. The narrative begins with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad founder of Islam and the founding of the first Muslim congregational place of prayer. It then follows a broadly chronological sequence of the development of the mosque in countries and kingdoms across the world right up to the modern age. The architectural features of great mosques are highlighted through a selection of drawings and brilliant colored photographs. The book brings under one umbrella an unusual selection of architectural masterpieces and in the process documents one of the most dynamic religious movements of all time.

About the Author

Razia Grover has edited books and magazines for the last twenty five years. Her interest in architectural history was strongly influenced by her late architect author husband Satish Grover and from her years as editor of architecture + design India’s premier professional magazine on architecture.

Author’s Note

This book was to have been written by my architect husband Satish Grover. Already an author of four books on Indian architectural history this would have been his first attempt at writing on buildings outside India. On his sudden passing away in 2005 Roli books asked me to complete the book barely begun I am honored by their faith in my being able to accomplish the task. The book is basically in two parts the first part featuring the great historic mosques of the world. These are located chapter wise according to their location and by and large their chronological place in history. For this section I would particularly like to acknowledge the writings of Henri Stierlin Markus Hattstein, Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom. Though the basic selection of the mosques for this part had been done by Satish I have added to it. For the chapter on the Indian subcontinent. I have been guided by Satish’s book on Indian architecture. For the second part of the book which is the contemporary section. I have consulted the book by Renata Holod and Hasan Uddin Khan though the selection is completely mine. I also thank Malini Saran for her input on Indonesia. I am grateful to the publishers for giving me this opportunity to learn more about the history and architecture of these timeless buildings.


The Mosques in History 13
Jerusalem 31
Damascus 39
North Africa and Andalusia 45
Mesopotamia 59
Egypt 63
Turkey 73
Persia 85
Central Asia 99
The Indian Subcontinent 103
Contemporary Mosques133
Glossary 143
Bibliography 144
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