Mother Santoshi (Know About Hindu Goddesses Series)

Mother Santoshi (Know About Hindu Goddesses Series)

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Author: M.D. Gupta
Publisher: Dreamland Publications
ISBN: 8173016933
Pages: 24 (24 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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According to the authors of our Scriptures God, the Supreme Creator of this universe, has been manifesting Himself by virtue of His Supernatural Illusory Power as a Man or a Woman for the protection of His Creation. When he appears in the Male Form, He is hailed and worshipped as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha and when He appears in His Female Form, He is adored as Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kaali.

Goddess Saraswati who mainly performs the task of creating the universe and disseminating knowledge is the Saattvika Power of Lord Brahma, the Creator. Goddess Lakshmi who nurtures and nourishes Creation is the Raajasika Power of Lord Vishnu, the Protector. Goddess Kaali who mainly performs the task of annihilating the wicked is the Taamasika Power of Lord Mahesha, the destroyer. It is by virtue of the Powers of these goddesses alone that the Trinity is empowered to perform their respective functions. If they are bereft of these Powers (Shakties), they become virtually lifeless.

There occurs a context in ‘Shrimad Devi Bhagavata, wherein the Primordial Universal Mother Herself tells Brahma, “O Lord Brahma ! I and the Supreme Brahm are one and the same. There exists no difference at all between me and the Supreme Consciousness (Parabrahm). I am what He is and He is what I am. I am alone inherent as the motive power in every atom of this universe in its diverse manifestations.”

It is, therefore, amply clear that all the goddesses are the very embodiment of diverse powers. All the gods derive their respective strength from them. Man too can acquire strength by their worship and adoration.

The subject-matter of each book has been culled from different ancient Scriptures through the medium of four-colour attractive illustrations. We have traced the origin of different Divine Powers and described their modes of worship in an easy language. Readers are requested to make us aware of the needed improvement, if any.

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Hindu goddesses are female deities adored and worshipped by their devotees. These goddesses fulfil all the desires of their devotees and enable them to enjoy honour and reverence here in this world and salvation hereafter in the other world.

This series of seven books on Hindu goddesses deals with origins, modes of worship and exploits of the goddesses. Beautiful illustrations along with easy-to-understand text keep the interest of young and old alike.

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