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Musing of Music

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Item Code: NAJ414
Author: M.Premeela
Publisher: University of Madras
Language: English
Edition: 2007
Pages: 110 (9 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 120 gm
About The Author

An alumnus of the University of Madras Dr. M. Premeela has an M.A. in Indian Philosophy an M.A. in Indian Music and has worked on Katha Kalakshepa—Musical Discourses for her PhD which was published in 1994.

Joined as a Lecturer in 1984 she is at present the Professor and head of the Department of Indian Music, Chaiperson of the School of Fine and Performing Arts and a Member Syndicate, nominated by the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

She is an Academician who is a Vocalist in Karnatik and Hindustani Classical Music and she has specialized in Panniru Tirumurai and Multilingual Devotional Music. She has authored four books and has visited many countries, delivering lecture demonstrations and performing music recitals. She has released audio cassettes and CDs and has won titles like Isai Kalai Celvar and Kambar Kazhagam Award and awards in the Annual Music Festival in Chennai.



It has been rightly said: “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.” What better and lasting testimony to mark the Sesquicentennial year of our beloved mother institution, the University of Madras, than the publication of 30 commemorative volumes!

It is an honour and a privilege to pen the foreword to these volumes submitted by the Faculty of the University of Madras and the affiliated institutions. Keeping in mind that these issues are a lasting memento to the 150 year dedication of our Institution of excellence in Higher education and research, the books have been chosen based on their innovative approach, quality of research and skilful style.

Apart from marking an important landmark in the progress of our great institution, it is hoped, that these volumes will be a truly significant contribution to the academic ethos of our nation.

I thank the academic fraternity and our partners and collaborators for their cooperation and I congratulate the authors and all those who contributed to ensure that the commemorative volumes are released at the Valedictory of the Sesquicentennial celebrations of the University Madras on October 9, 2007.

A Lot of water has passed under the bridge since that wonderful day on September 5, 1857 when the University of Madras came into existence.

It is heartening for all of us to think that the best is yet to be.



I deem it a privilege to have both a student and a member of the faculty of the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras. I thank the Almighty for making me serve at the time when the University is celebrating its sesquicentennial Year, and our department, its platinum jublee both happening during 2006-2007. The department at present has expanded to offers post graduate courses in not only Indian Music but also in Bharatanatyam and Rhythmology along with a diploma course in Art Appreciation and Heritage Studies, and certificate courses.

I am happy that this special issue entitled “Musings of Music” is being released on this special occasion. Articles contributed in this special issue will be highly useful to Teachers, Researchers and Students as they deal with a variety of areas, in fine arts.




1 Tiger K. Varadachariar 1
2 Tanjavur K. Ponniah Pillai 5
3 Professor Sambamurti 9
4 Mutuswami Dikshitar and Venkatamakhin's Tradition 15
5 The Influence of Hindusthani Music on Karnatik Music 23
6 Science and Music 31
7 Methodology for Music Research 45
8 Harikatha - Then and Now 55
9 Nostalgia, Music and Chitta Vritthi Nirodha 59
10 The Oduvaars 63
11 A Study of the Compositions of Syama Sastri, his Disciples and Descendents 65
12 Music in the Present Globalised World 69
13 Muthuthandavar Paadalgal 73
14 Music and Brain Function 75
15 Working Model for Creative Music Education 79
16 Vakrokti in Dance 83
17 Rasa - A Psychological Interpretation 87
  List of These Submitted by Students of the Department of Indian Music 92

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