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Mystic's Musings (A Profound Mysitc of Our Times)

Mystic's Musings (A Profound Mysitc of Our Times)

Mystic's Musings (A Profound Mysitc of Our Times)

Item Code: NAF586
Author: Sadhguru
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788186685594
Pages: 521 (24 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch x 7.0 inch
weight of the book: 600 gms
Back of The Book

“ A book for the thirsty. It is a glimpse of an oasis of someone willing to rise above the intellect and move towards the fountainhead of knowing through the wisdom of an enlightened master.”

“Meeting Sadhguru has been the defining moment of my life, changing my perspective on how to look of life and its challenges. Mystic’s Musings is a beautiful compilation of some of Sadhguru’s essential wisdom”.

“Mystic’s Musings makes fascinating, thought-provoking, inspiring reading and starts a pilgrimage to the very core of one’s existence.”

In this book, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a mystic of unfathomable proportions, intrigues the reader as he dwells upon life, death, rebirth, suffering, karma and the journey of the self.

In a manner that is candid, audacious and unpretentious, he shatters conventional definitions of morality, religion and spirituality and provokes the reader to delve into spaces that are not for ht e faint-hearted.


Even at a time when there is great versatility in people’s understanding of the word spiritual Master in an established sense of the word. If you think he is someone who walks on water, who materializes things out of thin air, reads people’s minds, looks into a crystal ball and tells people what they did and what they ought to do, you are I for a surprise. And if you think not, you are in for a bigger surprise!

For those of us who have and the good fortune of being a witness to all the contradictions, paradoxes, compassion and Grace-sparks and thunders apart from a million other things that he is, attempting to describe him is certainly not an enviable task. Yet, the possibilities and promises for the layman and the world in this most blessed phenomenon of our time are so rich and plenty that it would indeed be criminal to not make an attempt, however clumsy.

I first met Sadhguru sixteen years ago, when I had just finished my schooling and was in college. A particular teacher in my school had enthralled us to seek a spiritual master- actually the ore sacred version of it- a Guru- and be initiated by him, like he himself was. My imagination, fired by books like The Autobiography of a Yogi and other similar works led me to yearn for a similar esoteric opportunity. For a couple of years, the picture of a sagely being with a long , flowing , grey beard sitting under a banyan tree and teleporting a handful of disciples into the other worlds was deeply imprinted in me.

So, when I first met this clean –shaven, blue jeans and T-shirt clad man speaking flawless English and riding a motorcycle, as Sadhguru was in those days, I did not in the least think that I had met the Guru. However, the forty minutes that I spent in his introductory talk temporarily distracted me from the sage under the tree and made me look forward to his teachings and practices with the hope that it would help my near-sightedness and my studies-my most pressing problem them.

As year passed, and I got to spend a little more time with this person, unknown to me, bit by bit, little things in me began to align and orient themselves to seek the higher realms of knowing and living and to mot settle for the mundane and the mediocre. Ever since then, in scarcely detectable ways, undeterred by my own undoing’s Sadhguru’s Grace and unseen hands continue to transform my life, taking me beyond my limitations to a designation unknown and undreamt of .

To find a real Guru, a true Guru, or he best Guru, is the most common Quest of the seeker. Especially in this culture, where the spectrum of spirituality spans from the devout to the atheist, from the pious to the aghoras- the gory and the unsightly, from the ascetic to the emperor, from the selfless, industrious karma yogis to the academic vedantins; obviously, getting one’s prescription right is of paramount importance.

Sadhgugu’s response to the predicament has been, “You cannot choose a Guru. Deepen your longing and the Guru will choose you,” – reality from his own life.

Sadhguru’s ways are very unorthodox, if not wild , totally devoid of conformity and other tell-tale marks of one who has been through the garadi of a Guru. So it was only natural to assume that Sadhguru evolved by himself, an example that one wished to emulate. Sadhguru takes utmost care as to how he deals with each person he encounters. Somewhat like the famous saint who threw a volley of stones at the visitors to his ashram taking care that not one stone ever hit anybody, Sadhguru’s abrasive ways have always fostered growth. Yet being with such a person meant there was no knowing what could happen next. This always kept us on tenterhooks.

So one morning, at a sathsang in the ashram when Sadhguru spoke for the first time about his Guru who graced him three lifetimes ago and the Dhyandalinga, the reactions were mixed. For many, it was reaffirmation of their secret belief and wish of Sadhguru being connected to a sacred and ancient lineage of Master, but of clumsy novices like myself who were bumped and bounced often on this roller coaster ride with him, it was like an insurance policy. “Despite his wild ways,” I distinctly remember thinking, “this man is actually accountable..”

Of all the wonderful traits of Sadhguru, the one that endears him to one and all is that of being a friend. As one who abhors the seriousness that people on the spiritual path often get into, Sadhguru often imparts the most profound teaching with utmost nonchalance. His uncanny sense of humor not only delivers the message, but also gives the seeker the much-needed break from the monotony that often sets in.

To a disciple who lamented in a poem that he sought to become an eagle in the sky, but only managed to become a hen looking up to the eagle, pat came the reply:

‘The hen that you are, how will you know what deceptive ways will descend.

It is Grace that brought you here and it is Grace that will deliver.

I prefer the hen that looks up to the sky than an eagle that flies but always looking down.

How high is not the Question, but how intense is your longing for the sky.

May you always be in Grace.

To print in the form of a book the Master’s words about the sacred, spoken to carefully prepared disciples and to make it available to the uninitiated and the indifferent like is definitely a sacrilege at Isha, where ‘live transmission of the experience’ is the mantra.

However, this book is not to create another mirage in the harsh deserts of life, but to spread the sacred fragrance of bounty and abundance of the presence of an Oasisi of a Living Master and an invitation for one and all to come, drink, dive and dissolve into it. Those of us who have been blessed by being involved in making this book happen bow down ingratitude to Sadhgutu for enabling us to make this priceless offering to the world.

In the history and the lore we have heard of many Blessed beings who strive to enlighten the world in their own ways. Some from the solitude of the mountains, some from their palaces, some from their hermitages, some in the battlefields and some in the marketplace. Sadhguru, whose abode once was the peaks of the velliangiri Mountains, in a symbolism that is true of His own life and work, now has descended to the foothills to inspire and infuse the seeking into the beings of the plains.

At a time when we are overwhelmed by the innumerable calls around by leaders of sorts exhorting the masses to follow them, these verse from a poem by Sadhguru summarize what is typical of Him:

..I was born like you, I eat like you,
Sleep like you and I will die like you
But the limited has not limited me
Life’s bondages have not bound me
As the dance of life progresses
This space, this unboundedness has become
Unbearably sweet

Become love and reach our
Become me !


Note to the Readervii
iSeeker's Predicament1
iiWith the One Who Knows59
iiiThe Only Bondage119
ivBody's Plight187
vRealm of the Mystic269
viBeings of the Beyond335
viiThe Eternal Form397
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