Mysticism of Sound
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Mysticism of Sound

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Item Code: NAX720
Author: Inayat Khan
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 9788177690194
Pages: 92
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Music is one of man's most ancient forms of entertainment. Music in its different forms has found its reference in the most ancient of scriptures world wide. It was no doubt the most basic form in which man could express his emotions and feelings towards his environment and his fellow men.

It has been found that man's likes and dislikes with regard to musical form are very relevant to the note of vibration with which his body is attuned. Taking into consideration the states of evolution of man, for example Angelic, Human, Animal or Devilish, this factor plays a very big part in this process. Earthy music produces movement and activity in the body, whereas water produces a vibration which induces a dream like state which is taken over by one's imagination thus leading one into an imaginary environment. Fire on the other hand induces fear while air is found to be more powerful than all the others put together and creates a feeling of ecstasy.

The Sufis paid a great deal of attention to the harmonious and rhythmic use of language and thus brought the use of music into their daily devotions and meditation making it a tool of their practices. The use of sound has always played a great role in religious practices.

Once one goes more deeply into the origins and reasons for music it can be seen that in fact music may have itself been the beginning of language and it is only as we have simplified our language to suit our needs that it has moved away from the harmony and rhythm of music. In this book the author has laid out in very simple terms the relation between music and mysticism. It becomes even clearer as he reveals the mystic charms that music has held for man since creation. So deeply are our souls moved by music that skillful and creative musicians can reduce us to tears or lift us up to unimaginable heights simply with their deft use of harmonies and tones at their disposal.

Music may produce the moods or create the environment that are required for any particular occasion. Highly popular and competent musicians often play music to satisfy the needs of their audience and often determine their moods before they present their program. This, one might add, is no less a skill than being a competent musician Musical soirees very popular in 18th and 19th century Europe provided the entertainment for the upper classes, whilst folk dances and folk music were the forte of the working class. Each form having its own intellectual levels to suit its audience. Today all kinds of music are available to each and everyone of us, but still it is seen that each person makes his own choice according to his intellect and particular likings. All this goes to prove the seers right that each man has his own vibration which is satisfied by a particular form of music.

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