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Mystics of Vastu Sastra With Astrological Remedial Measures

Mystics of Vastu Sastra With Astrological Remedial Measures
Item Code: IDJ590
Author: M. K. Agarwal
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8170820367
Pages: 226
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
weight of book 309 gms


Astrology is a very vast subject. Thousands of peoples are engaged in learning the truth & importance of Astrology and large number of them are practicing Astrology. But many of them lack expertise in all the branches of Astrology. In Vastu Sastra also large number of Vastu experts have joined the Vastu industry and are claiming to be Vastu Shastries. Inspite of their expert guidance large number of houses/buildings fail to provide desired results. Because these Vastu experts ignore the Astrological norms and also do not synchronise the Astrological norms and also do not synchronise the benefic relation between the horoscope of owner, horoscope of Mahurata & horoscope of Vastu.

In this book, I have given all possible Vastu norms & Astrological norms applicable to Vastu industry. It is written in most simple language so that even a layman can understand & apply Vastu & Astrological norms himself without guidance of a Vastu experts.

I hope this book will be of immence use to all those who are aspiring to build a lucky house, NRIs who are aspiring to invest in India, or to all those, who want to modify their unlucky houses, buildings, factories, workshops and offices. I may indicate here that in Modern cities, there is little choice for good direction of plot, size of plot, main entrance main door, main direction of plot or house, because all these are planned by local bodies. Still the Vastu defects can be rectified by balancing the energy sources inside the flat or building.


Vastu is a most uncommon term. Only few people are aware of its importance and very few people have sufficient knowledge of Vastu Sastra, to enable them to practice Vastu with confidence. Although Vastu principles are simple but very few people have access to reliable Vastu norms. Application of Vastu norms only, for construction of houses, buildings, factories, workshops or business complex without simultaneously applying Astrological norms, does not give desired benefic results.

The book has been written after lot of exercise for all those who are planning to construct a house for themselves, who are planning to construct a business complex, factory or workshop, NRIs who are interested to invest in India & all those who are interested in modification of their unlucky houses, factories and workshops. The important features of the book are as under.:

It contains norms for deciding favourable country, city, town or village for a particular person.

It contains norms for deciding favourable direction in the selected city, town or village.

It contains norms for deciding favourable directional strength for different part of the house and all other buildings, main gate, boundary walls etc.

It contains norms of Vastu Chakra & Shanku and procedure to apply these norms.

It contains all possible astrological norms and Yogas for all the activities of Vastu.

It contain all possible norms to be followed for synchronizing the horoscope of the individual horoscope to mahurata (election time) & horoscope of Vastu.

It contains norms for modification of old or unlucky house, building, business complex, workshop & factory.

It contains explanation to large number of astrological terms used in the book.

It contains Yogas, for acquiring or building a house by any person, in his horoscope.

It also contains several norms for balancing the external defects in the houses or buildings by improvement inside the building, houses, flats and offices.

Why not try Vastu Sastra & ensure good luck before and after the house/building construction.




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  Preface vi
  Introduction vii
1 Importance of Vastu Sastra 1
2 Norms for selecting a benefic Country, City, Town, or Village for house or building construction: -10 Methods explained  
3 Norms for selecting direction in that city: 5 Methods explained. 18
4 Norms for selection of site in that direction of the city: 4 Methods explained. 21
5 Norms for testing of soil of selected site: 25
  -3 Methods explained.
-20 Norms for plot selection.
6 Norms for planning a building 29
  for maximum directional strength: -40 Norms explained  
7 Vastu Chakra & its applications: -Directional Strength, spl norms for Brahmsthana. 35
8 Shanku & its application in Vastu 41
9 Norms for leveling of the ground & digging of foundation 46
10 Norms for fixing main door and additional doors & windows for maximum directional energies:
-7 Methods explained.
-28 Norms explained
11 Norms for water tank & well: -3 Methods explained 58
12 Norms for application of different colours. 62
13 Norms for stambh staphna: -4 Methods explained. 64
14 Norms for modification of unlucky houses, buildings, factories & workshops: -12 Remedial measures explained. 66
15 Norms for special type of buildings & structures: 72
  -30 Norms explained
-Life of new cities & towns.
16 Astrological norms applied to 77
  Vastu Sastra:  
  -For Levelling and digging of ground  
  -For foundation and construction  
  -For fixing the Shanku  
  -For digging water tank or well  
  -For entering the new house  
  -For purchase of land or house  
  -For modification & improvements of the house  
17 Astrological Yogas (Benefic/Malefic) for application in Vastu 105
18 Astrological terms explained 116
19 Synchronising individuals horoscope with the horoscope of Vastu & Auspicious Time 139
20 Yogas for Acquiring a house 144
21 Application of Vastu for flats. 149
22 Application of Vastu for offices. 180
23 Application of Vastu: A Case Study 207
24 Vastu at a glance (Summary) 213
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