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Nada Vinoda Music Fun

Nada Vinoda Music Fun
Item Code: NAH208
Author: Lalita Ramakrishna
Publisher: Sri Sharada Peetham
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190848602
Pages: 48 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7 inch
About the Book

Why do we need a book with Puzzles and Fun facts on Karnatak music? Listen to these reasons - There is intricate mathematical patterning in talas. Raga alapa is sheer creativity - you are asked to do 'your own' alapa - no imitation is possible.

Indian classical music is a highly developed system - a part of cultural history. This book will ignite an interest in the treasure bequeathed by our saint musicians and rishis. Only a few have the voice, the aptitude and the time “to learn” music but all of us can “learn about” it.

For beginners in classical music this is a fun way to know facts that will make their music more meaningful. (In the Clues, look at words within inverted quotation marks and in the brackets).

This book focuses on “Karnatak” music that is prevalent in the four Southern states. Both the Northern and Southern systems of music are derived from the same ancient tradition.

Sri S. Rajam is a colossus in Art illustration and I thank him for his sketches. I acknowledge with gratitude:-

Editor of Nada Brahmam journal for permission to use my puzzles. V. Subramaniam for his drawings of Sabha gana and Gurukula. Rangaswamy Sarangan for sketches of musical instruments.

S. Janaki, Executive editor, Sruti, for meticulous proof - reading. Dr. Varalakshmi Anandakumar for valuable suggestions.


1Narada competes with Hanuman5
2Creation started with Melody6
3Name the Ragas (puzzle)7
4Sapta Svara8
5Milk or Curd (puzzle)9
6Parents & Children (puzzle)10
7Jumbled Ragas (puzzle)11
8Word Search - Ragas (puzzle)12
9Catch the Odd One (puzzle)13
10What is Tala? (puzzle)14
11Hi-tech names of Talas (puzzle)15
12Tussles with Talas - Simha and Sarabha16
13Hanuman recites the Puranas17
14Musical Forms (puzzle)18
15Are you a Good Guesser? (puzzle)19
16Krti Kshetra Matching (puzzle)20
17Lakshmana serves Rama21
18Group Krtis (puzzle)22
19Raga that brings Rain23
20Tyagaraja Talks to us (puzzle)24
21Word Search - Pancha ratnas (puzzle)25
22Maestros and Musical Instruments (puzzle)26
23Sabha Gana27
24Abbreviations (puzzle)28
25Sivan sings of Lord Siva29
26Are you a good Match-maker? (puzzle)30
27Coronation of Rama31
28You are a Detective (puzzle)32
29Who is this? Yaaro Ivar Yaaro? (puzzle)33
Tamizh Tradition
30Teasers on Tamizh Songs (puzzle)34
31Ancient Tamizh Melas (puzzle)35
32Ramayana Opera36
33In Memoriam - Tamizh Composers (puzzle)37
Sangita Sastra
34Svati Tirunal is awe-struck38
35What is in a Name? (puzzle)39
36Test your Music Knowledge (puzzle)40
37The Pandit from Kashmir41
38The River of Tradition42
39Laya Gamaka Jumble (puzzle)43
40Frequently Used Terms (puzzle)44
41Yazh and Vina45

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