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Author: Dr. Mala Chandra and Ramesh Chandra Dikshit
Publisher: Pratibha Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788177024005
Pages: 80 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch x 11.0 inch
Weight 800 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

About the Book

The present work is an effort to establisl the glory of "Naimisharanya' as an oldest University Campus of the World or the Centre of Excellence. This place is als( known as the 'Satyug ka Teerth' Thy Pilgrimage of Satyug which means the most ancient Pilgrimage place on the Earth from where the stream of the great knowledge o Vedas and Purana's spreaded all over the World.

I had a privilege to visit 'Naimisharanya' I found the deeply rooted belief and several proofs of the ancient incidents occurred time to time here which co-related my thought about the importance of this place when I say the great banyan tree which is nearly three thousands years old. The Vyas Gaddi, the place where Maharishi Vyas used to sit am gave the knowledge, and the Manu Satrupa penance place where our ancestors used to meditate to attain the salvation and man] more places which clearly indicate the great importance of this place from the beginning o civilization.

There is a legend about the very important incident which describes the great Conference of knowledge regarding Veda and Puranas in which nearly Eighty Thousand Sages and their disciples took part in this conference. This great event has beet described in most of the Purans in detail. This kind of conference of visionary scholars/sages reflects the first concept o University Campus in the World.

Apart from this, there are many °the] places including ancient Temples and the (Swayambhu Shivalingas originated it Rudravart area in river Gomti are also the tourist attractions. People visit here from the every part of the country to fulfill their wishes I hope this Pictorial Book will fulfill the purpose of providing the knowledge am importance of this great land to the tourist a; well as to the Readers.

About the Author

Dr. (Smt.) Mala Chandra (born, 1954) is a great Sanskrit Scholar working in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi, as an Assistant Professor. She has a brilliant Academic Career.

After completing her schooling in various cities in India, she did her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sanskrit. She has obtained the Degree in Law in 1990. Her Thesis Title 'The Impact of Jurisprudence on Sanskrit Literature' published in 1988. She has written three more Books. Under her guidance Several Research Scholars are working on the subjects related to modern Sanskrit writings. She is also working on the project related to Sanskrit and Tribal languages of India. She has a strong background of Vedas and Puranas as a Sanskrit Scholar. She is also connected with the various Social/Legal activities at present.

She has a great interest in travelling to attain the knowledge of that particular area where she visits. The present book Naimisharanya: The Centre of Excellence is the outcome of this fruitful effort.


It is a great privilege for me to write something about the most auspicious place on the earth called a "Naimisharanya" popularly known as the spot where the Nemi (center point of Brahmachakra) fell down on earth and this place became famous as Chakra Teerth a holy water place in the shape of chakra and the surrounding forest area as Naimisharanya. Naimisharanyahas a Parikrama Circumambulation path of 16 km. in which all the sacred places in India are believed to be located. In every ancient literary composition Naimisharanya has been mentioned and described with all its glory.

The rich mythology of Naimisharanya is believed to have existed with the onset of the universe, the truth and significance of this sacred place was revealed to the saints and sages of that period and this desired knowledge got percolate down through successive generations. It is also believed that Naimisharanya existed in Satya yuga the first time period of hindu mythology and the first ever pilgrimage site to be on earth.

It is said to be the eight aranya and astama vaikuntha, 33 crores deities, 3.5 crores shrines 8,8000 sages reside always here. Therefore it is considered as a pious land where every deed performed receives fruitful results. This land has eternal meaning and its Devine power is beyond the explanation in any possible words.

In the sacred and religious domain of Naimisharanya there are several sites of mythological importance that display the supreme power of the `Almighty'. Every place has some significance that teaches the human race, some lesson lead to a prosperous happy life with strong belief in God. The Bhagwat Puran says that there is no holy place on earth that compares to this one.

There are several other stories about Naimish. It is the place where Lord Mahavishnu killed a demon by name Durjaya and his followers, with his Sudershanchakra. It is also said that when Lord Vishnu killed the demon Gayasura with his Sudershan Chakra, his body was cut into three parts and fell at three places namely Pada Gaya (Gaya Khestra in Bihar) Nabhi Gaya in Naimish and Kapal. Gaya in Badri khestra. Hence it is also known as `Naabhi Gaya Khestra.

It is the place where Brahma's Manomaya chakra stuck the earth popularly known as chakra teerth.

Swayambhuva Manu and Satrupa performes yajna and rigorous penance for 23000 years at this place for begetting Nirakara Parabrahma a Lord Sri Mannarayana as their son.

The whole episode related to sage Dadhichi donating his bones happened at Naimisharanya. He donated his bone to Devatas at this place to make weapons and to defeat the demons. It is believed that Lord Shri Rama performed Asvamedha yajna at this place after Killing Ravana. It is also the place where Devi Sita was accepted by mother earth. After Lava and Kush sons of Lord Sri Rama got united with their father she vanished here.

Hanuman Garhi in Naimsharanya is the place where Lord Hunuman, after getting released Shri Ram and Lakshmana from the clutches of the Ahi Ravan, bought them on his shoulders from Patal. It is the land of Naimisharanya where Lord Vedvyasa composed 4 Vedas 6 Shastras and 18 Puranas and preached Samveda to his beloved disciple Maharishi Jaimini. This is the place where Shrimad Bhagavatam was spoken.

It is a proven fact that Naimisharanya had been an old University Campus being the ancient teaching place of Vedas and Puranas. The University life of Naimisharanya which is described in Adikanda of the Mahabharata in Question and Answers, Method shows as much more developed culture then the earlier system in which the great Vedic sages could only take two or three disciples. This stage is described very vividly in the Pausya Parva of Mahabharata. The sages and their disciples mentioned in this connection are all composers of Vedic hymns. The University of Naimisharanya in which Shaunaka is described at time the chancellor (कुलपति) of education at that time this University life was so rich in its varried complicities and so deeply interconnected with the complex modern life was a heritage of Vedic schools, of thought in later phase. Buddhism made full use of this system and under the patronage of kings and emperors. They founded in similar lines. Their famous Universities such as those of Nalanda, Takshashila and Vikramshila etc. No student of Indian culture should ignore the importance of University life developed from the simple personal contracts of the sages with two of three disciples of that of Naimisharanya University with a great scholars like Shaunaka as its chancellor to its twelve year sacrifice and congregation of a large number of teachers took place. This incidence described is as important for tracing the progress of activities of the ancient Indians, those of the celebrated Chinese scholar Fa-hien and Hiuentsang who described the Nalanda University. It shows the earlier teaching practice in those days.

Knowledge regarding the benediction of human was imparted here along with the simplest and easiest methods of Pooja (Worship) and importance of Lord Shri Satya Narayan and the place of origin for Lord Shri Satyanarayan Vrata Katha.

Pandavas visited this place during their exile and Lord Balrama visited this place during his pilgrimage. In Mahabharata, it is said anyone who fasts, prays and attains perfection at Namisharanya find happiness in the world. It is believed that Tulasi Das also wrote the great epice Shri Ramcharit Manas here.

I was very much fascinated by this place when I came here as a Darshanarthi visitor not as a tourist.

This place is so pious, I could feel it by all my senses. It is such a beautiful natural forest that still we can experience the life and beauty of this holy place here. My purpose to write about this place is to high light the Educational value of Namisharanya. Mostly people know about its Mythological, Religious & Cultural importance, but very few people understand that this place was the oldest university campus of the world. I wish there should be a Veda-Puran study center establish here for the educationist, scholars and Researchers with all basic amenities and comforts so that it may revive its old glory and importance with the magnitude on the tourist map of this country.

I Wish this book will fulfil the basic purpose of tourism and also to gain knowledge of our rich heritage, its Traditions and Culture as a premier study center for the Scholars who are interested in Indian mythology religious study and cultural value system. I am very thankful to Sh. Ramesh Chandra Dixit jee of Naimisharanya who is like my elder brother for providing all his support and deep knoWledge of this area while writing this bilingual book.

My brother photographer Shri Pavan Mahendru also helped me a lot in arranging the Photo shoots in the book. I am blessed by respected Guruji Dr. Ram Karan Sharma - pioneer in Sanskrit world for his kind support. I pay my respect to Sh. Vimlesh Shastri Jee of Naimisharanya for his blessings in publication of this book.

Last but not the least, it is my privilege to say thanks to my husband, Dr. Satish Chandra, High Court Judge in Lucknow Bench, to visit Namisharanya many times.I wish to thank Dr. R.S. Shulda J i proprietor of the Pratibha Prakashan, for his devotion and hard work for this book. I give my sincere thanks to Sh. K.Pathak ji, and Sh. Vineet Kumar for Printing the book. I am also thankful to my niece Shelki Bhatnagar for helping me by giving her valuable suggestions .

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