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Nirukta Notes (Series II): A Rare Book

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Nirukta Notes (Series II): A Rare Book
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Item Code: NAD624
Author: M.A. Mehendale
Publisher: Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute
Language: English
Edition: 1978
Pages: 80
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 104 gms

Nirukra Notes Series 1 was published by Deccan College Post- graduate and Research Institute in 1965. It contained nine note" published by me till then on the problems related to the interpretation of the Nirukra.

Since then T have written eleven more notes or the Nirukta most of which have already been published and a few are in the course of publication. These are being reproduced here with some corrections. The place of the original publication of these notes has been indicated at proper places in this book. I am grateful to the Editors of" the Journals and of the Special Volumes for giving me permission to reproduce the notes. I have assumed consent of a few Editors from whom I did not receive a reply to my letter asking for the consent.

The article on the Science of Etymology (Niruktasastra) at the end was originally written by me in Marathi for the Centenary Publication of the Vedasastrottejaka Sabha, Pune. It is published here in English but not as a numbered Nirukta Note.




1 X Anopa 1-4
2 XI Ardhanaman 5-8
3 XII Vibhakti 9-11
4 XIII Brahman 12-14
5 XIV Jami And Ajami In The Nirukta 4.20 15-21
6 XV Aikapadika In The Nirukta 1.14 22-30
7 XVI Sattvanaman and Karmanaman 31-34
8 XVII Some Technical Terms Used by Yaska in The Nirukta II 1 And 2 35-44
9 XVIII Aditya : Aditeya 45-49
10 XIX Yaska’s Definition of the Karmopasangraha Nipata 50-56
11 XX Yaska’s Second Rule of Derivation 57-62
12 XXI The Science of Etymology (Niruktasastra) 65-80

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