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Numerology for Your Business

Numerology for Your Business
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Item Code: NAK318
Author: Pandit Lakshmi Doss
Publisher: Balaji Publications Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 216
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
weight of the book: 160 gms

This is my 12th book. I have so far written books on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, yoga Asanas, Hypnotism in English and Tamil. For the past several years many friends have come to me for consultation for giving a suitable lucky name for business and name for newly constructed house.

When any business is opened, the concern has to be given a name and or an industry, the product produced requires a trade name. This small book will serve as a guide.

The names given in this book are purely my imagination to arrive at a particular number. Hence the names furnished in this book do not reflect to any individual or any concern already with this name. It is never my intention to wound the feelings of any one.

I am writing this in my 75th age hence I request the readers that, if there is any defect please omit this, and take the good thoughts. I am thankful to Shri. C. Viswanathan, Proprietor of this concern in encouraging me to write this book I pray Shri Uma Maheswara to shower His Grace for the continued prosperity of Balaji publications and for the family of Shri C. Viswanathan.




1 Career-general 9
2 Career-rules governing it 12
3 Planets in Horoscope 19
4 About Lord of Lagna 30
5 Example Horoscope 34
6 Force of planets in profession 41
7 Numbers explained 45
8 Numbers and Letters 50
9 Numbers and profession 57
10 Birth date and type of career 66
11 Combination of horoscope and Number 72
12 Example names 78
13 Common business names:  
  1) Iron and hardware 81
  2) Oil & Ghee store 87
  3) Electronic-T.V.-Radio 92
  4) Clock - watches dealing 97
  5) Musical Instrumets Dealer 103
  6)Tutorial College 108
  7) Gold - silver - diamond dealing 113
  8) Tailoring 119
  9) Hotel and lodging 124
  10) Silk-Ready made dress 130
  11) Furniture - Timber - Tiles - Trade 138
  12) Printing press 144
  13) Book sale - Publication -Guides 150
  14) Puja Articles 156
  15 ) Photo Studio 161
  16) Hospital 166
  17) Grocery and General Merchants 173
  18) Medical Store 178
  19) Hair saloon 182
  20) Eye Glasses Business 184
  21) Lorry Transport 188
14 Business building - House names 194
15 Telegraph names. 204
16 Letterhead & Emblem 207
17 Prayers 209
  Conclusion 214

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