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Ocean of Love (Detachable Posters Ready For Framing)

Ocean of Love (Detachable Posters Ready For Framing)
Item Code: NAS231
Author: Anjana Dasa
Publisher: Touch Stone Media, Kolkata
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788187897453
Pages: 8
Other Details: 16.00 X 12.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.34 kg
About the Author

Anjana dasa was born kashkenov azamat Sakenovish, in Kazakhastan, in 1963, into a family of artists and started drawing when he was just five years old. His father was a noted artist from whom Anjana Drew his early inspirations. He started art studies in high school and then finished top of his class in shimkent art studies in high school and then finished top of his class in Shimkent art of college kosteeva Kazakhastan. He further studied in Art N.V. Gogolya, Almaty and graduated in 1982 with top honors. He then served in the Soviet Army from 1984-86 as an artist in special division where he worked on panels and sculptures. After leaving the army, he furthered his art education in Theatrical-artistic institute of the name, Jurgenov, where he pursued Monumental-decorative painting under the direction of famous USSR Professor of His arts were widely featured in top galleries and has been featured in several Exhibitions in Kazakhastan. As faith would have it, Anjana developed keen interest in Indian spirituality and joined the international Society for Krishna Consciousness in 1992, Shortly after joining ISKCON, he became the temple president of Almaty and the chairman food for life for Kazakhastan and central Asia. He held these positions till 1995, when his guru, requested him to come to india and helped served as one artists for the massive ISKCON Glory of India and Vedic cultural center in New Delhi. Several of his large paintings depicting the pastimes of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama adore the walls and ceilings of the complex.

Anjana dasa took residence in vrindavana in 1997 from where he derives inspirations from the blissful holy land of vrindavan and has been depicting the pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna through his paintings. His paintings are prominent features in several ISKCON temples in USA. Russia, Europe and India. He is one of BBT’s main artists. Many of his paintings can be found in BBT’s Krishna art book and Back to Godhead magazines. He lives in vrindavan with his family where he maintains his art and sculpture studio.

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