Of Love and War: A Chayavad Anthology

Of Love and War: A Chayavad Anthology

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Item Code: IDE896
Author: Trans. By: David Rubin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 0195675320
Pages: 143
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
Weight 350 gm

From the Jacket :

The period in modern Hindi literature known as 'Chayavad' marked the first blossoming of poetry in the language which, for its originality, depth, and technical resourcefulness, still remains unsurpassed. This anthology provides a sampling of the works of four major poets of this revival - Jayshankar Prasad, Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala', Sumitranandan Pant, and Mahadevi Varma.

Like the Romantic age in the West, Chayavad was marked with elements of symbolism and mysticism. Upanishadic teachings, the English Romantic poets, the French Symbolists, Rabindranath Tagore, Sanskrit aesthetics - all influenced tis genre. In Chayavad poetry, modern Hindi attained an incontestable brilliance and elegance of expression.

Chayavad poets are known outside India by the few available translations of their elegant, yet often baffling, short lyrics. This unique volume brings together translations of a few significant long poems - Prasad's Amsu (a poem of philosophical import) and Nirala's Ram ki Shakti-Puja (a short epic on the theme of war). Also included is a selection of the more typical short lyrics by all four poets, many of them previously untranslated.

About the Author :

Prasad (1889-1937) was the first of the Chayavad poets to attain fame. He gave a new direction to Hindi poetry and freed it from the traditions and conventions considered sacrosanct. His works include novels, essays, short stories, and dramas.

Nirala's (1899-1961) oeuvre includes novels, short stories, essays, and of course, poetry. He experimented boldly with free verse and innovative re-creations of epic subjects and devotional themes. His novels and stories were satirical attacks on the hypocrisy of and oppression by the upper castes.

Pant (1902-87) is best known for his romantic poetry celebrating love and nature. His works reflect his concern for the social conditions of his time, for the downtrodden, and for the poor.

Mahadevi Varma (1902-87) is a major figure in the renaissance of Hindi literature and is considered its finest woman poet. Unlike her contemporary Chayavad poets, her work is almost completely removed from everyday life. She created a series of highly refined, complex, though often obscure, lyrics.

David Rubin has been Visiting Professor at Columbia University. A widely published writer, his works include fiction and translations of Hindi prose and poetry.




Preface vii
A Note on Transliteration ix
Introduction xi
 Jayshankar Prasad
  Amsu - The Epigraph 3
  Amsu - The Book of Tears 5
Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala'  
  How Rama Worshipped Shakti 39
  Woman in Love 51
 Jayshankar Prasad
  First Dawn 59
  Heart's Pain 61
  Waiting for Spring 62
  Spring 63
  Dream World 64
  Heart's Beauty 65
  Open Your Door 66
  Anguish, Stay! 67
  Game in the Dust 68
  A Drop 69
  What Story does the bee tell 70
  Oh sea uniting blue with red 72
  Now awaken, dawn of life! 74
  Arrey, have you seen anywhere 75
Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala'  
  Sleep in Awakening 77
  Poison in Nectar 78
  May God laugh when he meets me at the end 79
  A Look at Death 81
  The Cup 83
Sumitranandan Pant  
  The Old Man 85
  Evening on the Ganges 87
  Your Doors Are Closed 89
  Cloudy Dawn 91
  Man's Shadow 92
Mahadevi Varma  
  My dear how shall I find him? 93
  To Death 94
  That Cruel mirror is broken! 96
  Oh eternally silent! 98
  Let me light all the burns-out lamps! 100
Bibliography 103


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