अग्निष्टोमाध्वर्यपद्धतिः : On Agnistoma Yajna
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अग्निष्टोमाध्वर्यपद्धतिः : On Agnistoma Yajna

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Item Code: NZO458
Author: Dr. Chudamani Trivedi
Publisher: Manyata Prakashan, Delhi
Language: SANSKRIT
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788189149543
Pages: 258
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 440 gm
I feel very happy to write a few words on the book en-titled presented by Dr. Chudamani Trivedi a laborious and young scholar of Vedic studies.

The Vedic rituals and sacrifices play a significant role to build up the Indian social structure as they lead towards the middle path of living between the philosophical or meta-physical ideals and practical style of the human life. The teachings of Vedic literature are the main source of cultural code of Indian civilization. The Vedic literature describes various cultural teachings in a manner which can be called -), I till (applied religion). Mainly the Kalpasutra literature deals with rituals associated with different types of sacrifices and the duties of the different priests. The system of sacrifices described in Shasta Kalpasutras is based on the fundamental theories available in Brahmanism literature. In the series of Vedic sacrifices the 'Somayaga' holds a prominent place because of its procedural and beneficial specialties.

The methodical base of all kinds of 'Somayaga' is the Agnishtoma-yaga as the Shrautasutras describe the whole sacrificial techniques in respect of Agnishtoma. The procedure books (composed in accorda nce with the method depicted in Shasta-sutras are very useful for practical worship. Hence the Paddhati of Agnishtomayaga holds great importance in the field of Vedic literature, the part of the main priest Adhvaryu has become most important in the Agnishtoma sacrifice and it was yet to be published separately in Paddhati style. The present work fulfils this long time awaited requirement. I congratulate Dr. Trivedi for this noble effort I wish this book attains a respectable place in scholarly world.

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