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Pancha Kalakria Deepah by Chaturvedasathakrathu Sri Srinivasa Thathacharya (An Old and Rare Book)


It is a common belief among the Hindus that if a particular deity is worshipped properly according to the set rules of worship, he or she will bestow the desired boons upon the devotee.

The present work, viz., 'PANCHAKALA KRIYA DEEPA' is a work on the worship of Lord Vishnu. It prescribes not only the modes of worship of Lord Vishnu, but the daily routine of religious and other activities to be performed by the men belonging to the Vishnu cult. This book is divided into five chapters called Paricchedas prescribing some aspect or other of the worship of Lord Vishnu.

The editor of this work is Thiru N. K. Ramanujatatachariar, Siromani, Ex-Sanskrit Pandit of the T. M. S. S. M. Library. He had edited this work from our manuscripts deposit. He deserves our praise for his sincere attempt to edit the work well.

Our thanks are due to the Government Orient manuscript Library, Madras for providing us a transcribed copy of her manuscript of the said work (R. No. 1705) for reference and collation with our manuscript.

The Government of India has given the Library necessary grant to edit and publish this work. We are always grateful to them for this grant.

The entire staff of the Library are to be Congratulated upon for their kind co-operation.


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